Friday, December 12, 2008

What's the deal with "followers"?

Anyone using this feature in blogger who can explain it to me? Is it just a way of saying "hey, I like your blog!" I only follow two blogs, and they were the two bloggers who specifically asked for people to follow their blogs...I figured, "Sure! Why not?"

But it clutters up my dashboard, which I rarely look at anyway.

But I don't want to offend people: does anyone want me to follow their blog? I'd be happy to!

More importantly, though, can some explain what it's good for? I don't think I'm using it right...

Do you "follow" people you also have on your blogroll, or just blogs that aren't on your blogroll? Which is better in your opinion? I add the blogs I really enjoy to my blogroll...that's essentially what I use as my blog reader ever since blogger came up with that feature that shows the most recent post.

Just curious, no biggie.

And I figured I better post something! I've been sick all week. I finally have some energy so yay! Of course, I should be expending said energy on cleaning rather than blogging, so trying to keep this short...

And failing.



Rhonda said...

I don't have much of a blogroll. I never remember to update it and I never use it to keep track of new posts.

For me, "following" a blog serves 3 purposes. First, it shows the blog owner that I read their blog since I rarely have time to comment. Second, it provides me with a list of blogs that I read, in my profile and in google reader. Third, I also like seeing who is reading my blog. I know that my followers are only a tiny subset of our actual readers, but it is nice to see actual evidence that someone is reading.

LauraC said...

I haven't followed anyone bc I have so many hyperlinks. I just set up my google reader before Thanksgiving and that has been a godsend. Also interesting bc it tells you how many people are subscribed to your blog!

HoodChick said...

Followers and comments attract attention to your blog - and can attract advertising. Check out this site, it will explain more:

Oh, and those stupid letters are a pain. Sometimes I have to hit the refresh 2 or 3 times to get a new set that I can actually read.