Sunday, April 3, 2011

Never Let it Be Said I Don't Win Anything

We went yesterday to a Green Living Fair, which was great--really informative about a whole slew of topics.

Anyway, while we were there we bought a few raffle tickets to support the organization. I didn't think much of it...just wanted to help out. Imagine my surprise when we got a phone call to say we'd won one of the prizes! I never win anything! The weekend away, the jewelry...what could it be?

The bacteria to add to your septic tank. Yes, that's right, I won poop-eating bacteria. I know, you all want to be me, right?


Green tip: Styrofoam recycling is pretty rare in curbside recycling (anyone able to recycle styrofoam in their town?). But, look around to see if there are any styrofoam recyclers in your area. For example, in Eastern Massachusetts, ReFoamIt holds styrofoam recycling events. I'd been saving my styrofoam for about 9 months (we try not to buy things with styrofoam, but still, in 9 months we'd filled a few grocery bags).


Ronnica said...

They're trying out styrofoam recycling here. It's not curbside yet, though, and actually may just be commercial right now, I'm not sure.

Green Lifestyle Consulting said...

What a crazy thing to win in a raffle! I wonder how many people could actually use that around where you live? I don't think we have any in my City!

I receive flat styrofoam pieces as packing every month in a package I get and I just found someone from my school system who is stocking a teacher resource room and she'll take them every month! I'm psyched!

What A Card said...

Almost everyone out here has septic systems, to it really was a good prize to win. I just thought it was funny :)

Take a look said...

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