Monday, November 2, 2009

Dratted Time Change!

N-man came into our bedroom at 5:30 this morning. He happily exclaimed, "It's MORNING!" I, who had just gotten into bed 15 minutes earlier after being up with Z-man for well over an hour replied grumpily, "No it's not. Go back to bed."

N-man went over to TK and said just as happily, "Daddy, It's MORNING. Mommy says it isn't but she's wrong. I see the sun."

Daylight savings time, I say, shaking my fist in the air.


LauraC said...

We put an alarm clock in Alex's room a few weeks ago that plays Raffi at 7AM. He's not allowed to come out until Raffi starts singing. It worked for DST and we're feeling like geniuses over here today.

Jeanne said...

Damn you, time change!

(I'm right there with you, girl.)

Oh My Goddess said...

I gotta say, this messing with the time thing, either way, always sucks. It always takes a week to get into the groove.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, because I honestly didn't know. Daylight savings is not practiced on this island- that's the equator for ya! It is, however, practiced where nearly all my friends and relatives live, and they are never impressed when I forget, and call too late or early :)

Jan said...

I hate that it gets dark so early. It makes me feel like I need to hurry home, sit on the couch and EAT! It's gonna be a long winter.