Friday, October 30, 2009

Consumerism finally strikes

I don't know how we did it, but N-man and B-man have never been big into the "I want it"'s. Besides the occasional whine of "MOOOOOOOOM!!!! I want a LOLLIPOP!" they rarely get the gimmies.

If I knew how we did it, I'm sure I could patent it. But I'm pretty sure we just got lucky with two kids who just don't have a big yen for material possessions.

Until now.

We got one of those catalogs filled with crazy junk. As an aside, one of the worst things about moving is getting back on the mailing lists for every catalog in existence. And this catalog was extra annoying because you can only call during the day to cancel it. So, I left it open sitting on the kitchen table to call the next day during business hours.

On the facing page was apparently the most enticing product ever. Here is the conversation that ensued when B-man saw it:

B-man: Mom! Look! There's a piggy bank shaped like pants!

Me: Oh yeah.

B-man: With a BUM hanging out!

Me: Oh yeah.

B-man: That is SO funny. You put money in the BUM!

[By now N-man has come over, too, and I realize that I'm not getting out of this conversation about a crazy plastic piggy bank that looks like someone's butt]

Me: Isn't that silly? And do you know what it does when you put the money in?

B-man and N-man: What?

Me: It TOOTS! Look, it say here "Drop some loot and hear me toot"

B-man and N-man: [dissolve into gales of laughter, punctuated by occasional exclamations of "It TOOTS!"]

B-man, with much seriousness: Mom, we *HAVE* to get this.


For the record, I'm not getting them a farting piggy bank. I'm pretty sure we already got all the possible amusement out of this. But how funny is it that one of the first times B-man asks for a toy, this is what he chooses? I suspect there will be many fart jokes in our future!


LauraC said...

We haven't seen any GIMMEs until this week! And it was over Christmas decorations. Alex is in love with singing Christmas animals and we were at Target and he saw one. But yeah I wish I could bottle it bc it makes shopping so easy!

Nancy said...

LOL!! I think I wouldn't be able to contain myself ... your kids make me bust a gut with these stories!

Julie said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I LOVE it; thanks for the laugh!

FWIW - the H-man has just recently begun with, "I want that" in response to the increase in toy ads on TV that come with the season. I keep telling him to take it up with Santa ;).

jongirl said...

What catalog was it? Grandma will get it for them!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! I love it.

HoodChick said...

That's why they call it a DIME BANK! I'm sure it's the whole male fascination with farts thing that got their attention.