Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dr. Tact strikes again

When I was pregnant with the boys, my OB earned the nickname of "Dr. Tact". I know Ms. Goddess in Progress met him, and has some wonderful stories of her own about how he completely lacks any tact at all!

Anyway, that actually doesn't bother me, so I stuck with him for this pregnancy. And I've been surprised that he's not been overly un-tactful this time around. I was wondering if he took some kind of "be polite to patients" class in the past 4 years.

Until today.

We were scheduling my appointment for next week, and I said, "The nurse told me I'd need to come in for a non-stress test."

His response: "Oh yeah, because you're SO old."

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

So this elderly mom refrained from punching him in the nose. See, age brings restraint, so it's not all bad!


Goddess in Progress said...

Gee, it's almost worth getting pregnant again, just to have the chance of him telling me I have serious stretch marks. ;-)

jongirl said...

It's a wonder that at your age, your hearing is still good enough to hear his comments!

Nancy said...

WHAT?! LOL! No WAY are you old - cuz, uhm, I refuse to be ;)

I wonder if anyone has let him know that he's a jerk heh

Anonymous said...

That is crazy! I don't think you are old. When my cousin was pregnant (in her 40's), her doctor always referred to her as being of an "advanced maternal age" which was a bit more tactful!

What A Card said...

The funny thing is that I'm actually NOT officially "so old". I'm still a few months shy, so I don't even need the non-stress test. As I told Dr. Tact, "I still have 5 long months until I'm over the hill".

Maggie said...

yeah, you're not AMA til 35, and even then you don't automatically get a NST. sounds like he still needs to take that class!