Sunday, July 5, 2009

So THAT'S my problem with the giant burning ball of horror in the sky!

I think I've avoided mentioning on my blog one of the many, many things that I know are crazy about me.

I don't like the sun.

I mean, I'm pro-sun in general. You know, life-giving energy and all. I don't want to build a giant underground complex or anything.

It's just, given a choice, I prefer overcast fall days to just about anything else. Grey, cloudy, 55 degrees is my idea of weather-perfection.

Anyone living in New England knows that this has been an ideal summer for me. How's the weather been? Cool. Rainy. WONDERFUL!

Though I must admit, I was feeling bad for the boys. Kids need summers to run around and play in the sandbox and go in the kiddie pool. We weren't getting to do any of that, so I'm glad the weather has finally improved.

We took them yesterday to a 4th of July carnival in a neighboring town (our lame town doesn't do anything for the Fourth!) Being a solar-phobic, I of course made sure we were all coated in sunscreen. And we were only out for about two and a half hours before my poor pregnant body just needed some air conditioning time to recoup.

We got home and you know what? I got a slight sunburn! I mean, not bad. In fact, it's already faded today to some new freckles on my arms. The stinging has subsided and the redness is gone. But still! I was hardly out very long! And I was wearing sunscreen! I wasn't in the water, and it wasn't so hot that I was sweating excessively. There was no reason my sunscreen should have given up the fight in less than 3 hours.

So I said to TK, "It's because the sunscreen is only SPF 30*".

He answered, "Really? I think it's because you almost entirely lack melanin in your skin."

Yeah, he's probably right.


* Sunscreen issue of the day: We've been using Baby Lizard sunscreen. I love it! It's chemical- and fragrance-free, goes on smoothly and evenly, and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. My only issue is that it's only available as 30 SPF. Oh, it's pretty darn expensive, too, but I feel it's worth the added cost so I'm not going to complain about that.

But clearly, as yesterday proved, it's not quite as effective as I might desire. Does anyone have a sunscreen they love (preferably one not filled with chemicals)?


LauraC said...

3 hours is a long time in between sunscreen applications. Even the Blue Lizard site suggests reapplying every two hours. Two hours is our maximum time between sunscreen applications, we bump it up to every 90 minutes if we are out at peak times (10-4) or sweating or at the pool.

But I do like the melanin theory too.

Jeanne said...

Something I didn't know until my sister told me this spring, is that you can't save unused sunscreen through the winter and get it back out in the spring. Her pediatrician told her to throw it out and buy new every year.

Which seems so wasteful! (and you know how much I hate that)

Sotorrific Twins said...

I thought I was the only New Englander not complaining about the weather on my blog or facebook but I guess I wasn't!! I don't hate the sun but when I can't be in a pool or in an AC'd building on someone else's electric bill, I prefer it to be on the cool side. :)

I'm with you on the melanin theory - I also lack in that department...

Susan said... made me laugh on this blog. I have never heard someone describe the type of weather you like - grey, cloudy 55! Wow..... However, you are correct, by watching the news, you have had your share of at least the grey and cloudy ;) I like sun and maybe 75'ish.

Nancy said...

LOL maybe you ARE part vampire ;) tee hee

I burn to a crisp as well - but it doesn't sound like I do nearly as much as you. I got pink at the carnival (and more freckles), but my pink is already gone as well. It WAS hot out there...all that metal from the rides reflecting the sun.

However, I don't like rain!!! Cool days, sure...rainy cold days, nope.

Ronnica said...

I spend everyday in either my office or my cave-like apartment. Yet, if it goes too many days without sun, I can feel it. I NEED the sun. When I first moved to NC it was this time of year, and I could tell something was up beyond the emotions of the move and all. It was that it's much cloudier here! If I had my way weatherwise, it would be 100, humidity-free, and sunny.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about the Blue Lizard, but if it's not strong enough, I would recommend Badger. Badger is incredibly thick. Harder to apply, but let me tell ya- NOTHING gets through that sucker! It's also even safer and less toxic than blue lizard, and made right in your own backyard- New Hampshire. Only one state away- that's pretty close!

Julie said...

It's good that you can come forward and admit that. I admire the courage. Just for the record..I don't like monkeys :)

Maggie said...

We love the California Baby Sunscreen - you can get it at Target, Whole Foods, and Publix here. It's terrific and comes in all sorts of SPFs, lotion options, etc. We use all their regular lotion too. And yeah, 3 hrs in between is too long, sorry. But you are awfully pale :)

I'm with you. I'll take overcast, but like the temp at about 68. It's been ridiculously hot here this summer already. Looks like it's cooling off for a few days!! Just in time for me to come out of my confinement.