Thursday, February 4, 2010

A dose of optimism

Today Z-man was once again not-napping*, and I said to the big boys, "Wow, Z-man really isn't good at napping!"

B-man answered, "but he sure is good at smiling!"

And you know what? He is. How lucky am I that at least Z-man skips his naps so he can coo, smile, giggle, and be generally adorable?


* Okay, I'm three kids deep now, and I think I can decisively say that my worst parenting skill is getting infants to sleep. Oh, I can do it: car trips, rocking, nursing, walking around holding them. But 2 out of 3 of my kids totally lack the ability to nap in a crib. If it wasn't for N-man, who was the world's greatest napper, I'd have a total complex. As it is, at least I'm not batting zero.

How long until Z-man is old enough not to need a nap? I can't wait!


jongirl said...

You need grandpa's Magic Touch!

Everyday Goddess said...

I used to get us into the car so my daughter would take a nap. She was not a crib napper.

I guess we end up doing what works. Or maybe they are just really good at getting us to do what they want from a very very early age.

Maurie Kirschner said...

"How long until Z-man is old enough not to need a nap?"

About the time he starts taking them of his own accord!

My little nephew is much the same way and not just with naps, but sleeping in general. The smiles really do make up for it though.

BTW - I love the point blank humor in your posts!

Wolf said...

i HATE naps. i'll admit that i have been soooo tempted to take them while pregnant, but haven't really given in. and i have a feeling i'll have to learn when the baby is here so that i actually get some sleep.

so i guess i'll have to cross my fingers that our little one is not like mommy, but more like daddy (who loves naps)...

Sheri-ct said...

S&C were really good sleepers, but I might have lost my touch with little M. She's a good sleeper once she is alseep, but she can't seem get herself to sleep without being rock by me......only me.......NO one else will do.

mommytoalot said...

'Awwww how sweet.