Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zippy Zip

I went out last night to a mother of twins meeting. Since I was on a rare outing without the kids, I took TK's car, leaving him with the van in case he needed to take the kids anywhere.

I've been driving the van so long, his little sedan felt so small and sleek and zippy. Until I drove for a few minutes and remembered it was a 10 year old Civic. No pickup. Not particularly sleek. Not at all zippy.

It's a sad, sad day where I realized my van is the zippy car in the house...


Green tip for the day:

Did you know dryer lint can be composted? I didn't. Now I do! Sure, it's not a huge contributor to the volume of garbage in our house, but every little bit helps!


LauraC said...

I was JUST reading a composting book last night and it said it takes a long long time for dryer lint to break down and therefore may not be something you want to add to your compost pile. But composting is all about experimenting right?

rich said...

LOL :) You guys should totally trick your van out. We can put a NOS kit and some bolt-on enhancecments in there while you're in town this summer :P

Anonymous said...

Our dryer lint = mounds of dog hair. Think that can be composted?