Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter stories

Heard in the Card house yesterday: "What does a Peep taste like?"

The remarkable thing about that comment was that it wasn't asked by one of the children, but by TK. How do you make it to your mid-30's without ever having Peeps? Don't worry, I made sure he tried a Peep. Final call: Eh. I agree with that assessment, which is why we've never had Peeps in the house any previous Easter.


Earlier in the week, the boys' preschool class had discussed what they hoped to get in their Easter baskets. B-man came home so excited about it! He actually didn't know what he hoped to get, but was amused to report that one of the boys in the class "wants an EYE-POD!" B-man kept saying it like that, with the I part really drawn out. Then he'd crack up like it was the funniest thing ever. I finally asked him after the fourth or fifth time he told the story if he even knew what an ipod is. We don't have one! He thought for a minute, then admitted he didn't. I'm guessing the teachers must have cracked up at this little 4 year old who hopes for an ipod for Easter. Hey, that would have been nice. I would have liked an ipod, too! The Apple Easter Bunny didn't make a stop at our house, though.


We had a candy-free Easter (well, except the Peeps I bought for dessert) since it's so hard to find nut-free chocolate or jelly beans. It went over pretty well, I thought. But for the Easter eggs we hid, I was a little sad not to put those foil chocolate eggs inside. Instead, we put coins in each one. N-man loves change. Putting money in his piggy bank is one of his favorite things to do. Every time he found an egg, he'd run over to us and tell us excitedly, with a huge smile, "there's money in this one, too!" It was excellent, and so fun. Made me feel just fine about not having little treats in the eggs.


Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Mommy, Esq. said...

Just curious - is your pre-school church run? Or do public schools do Easter for all kids? Seems odd to me but I haven't been in the school system in a long time.

LauraC said...

I've had a peep maybe once... I hate marshmallows so why eat a sugar-coated one?

What A Card said...

My kids go to a private, non-denominational preschool. They mention all holidays, but of course have far more emphasis on Christian holidays. With a Jewish husband, we really don't make a big deal of Easter. In fact, I don't think my kids even knew about the Easter bunny before they talked about it at preschool. (To a certain extent, the emphasis on Christian holidays continues through public schools. For example, Good Friday was a public school holiday. Who knew? Not me...I scheduled a doctor's appointment, thinking the kids would be in school!)

Nancy said...

LOL!! Too funny about the iPod... wonder who that was (and if he got it...) Certainly wasn't Burke! heh

And I so agree with LauraC. Blech.

Glad the kids enjoyed the egg hunt :)

Anonymous said...

I HEART PEEPS! You guys are missing out! They taste even better if you put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Yum!

Nicole S. said...

Ya, Peeps are disgusting! And if you microwave them, they get really huge - I bet your boys would get a kick out of that, if you have any left. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea about putting change in the easter eggs! It's probably cheaper than candy anyway!

Blasphemy about the Peeps!! They are and always will be a must in our house. ;-)

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

we love to roast peeps over a fire mmmmmm!!! Saying hi from SITS

Heather said...

i think the change in the eggs was a good idea. much better for them then candy anyway right? :)

i'm not a fan of peeps either.