Thursday, April 2, 2009

WhatACard book recommendation service

Okay, I had so much fun the other day making book recommendations for Luckygirl. If there are two things I love, it's reading books and bossing people around. Giving book recommendations combines both perfectly!

So here's the deal: leave me a comment with 4 or 5 of your favorite books or authors. You can also include a couple books you hated as well, if you'd like. Or not. Then I'll give you some recommendations. We're all winners, you know, unless I recommend books you hate ;)


Our bloggers night out was a lot of fun. We are all big talkers, so there was nary a silence in the nearly 3 hours we were there. I know, shocking that people who feel compelled to blog constantly have a lot to say, right? Nancy at The Zimmer Zoo has photographic evidence up. And yes, Laura, even of me!


We lost the house we wanted to buy. Someone else put in an offer, and we couldn't match their closing date since our house hasn't sold. So it's back to the drawing board for us on the house search. Of course, the first step is STILL that our house has to sell. Ugh, this isn't any fun!


Alrighty, that's it. So get those comments in if you want some book recs!


LauraC said...

I think I know who you are in the picture! Mostly through process of elimination since I read everyone else's blog.

I'd love to play along with the book recs but seriously, I could go on and on with lists of authors and books. I've got Kafka On the Shore checked out from the library (your rec) right now! And I've passed along your Peeps recommendation to about 10 people.

Ronnica said...

You've done well before when it wasn't specific to me, so I'll give you another try.

I like classics, but let's stay away from there as I already have too many to read. For more modern stuff, I've enjoyed Ender's Game (as you know), Life of Pi, Atlas Shrugged,...uhh, I'm having a hard time with this, but I think you know what I like from the Book Nook. What do you say?

Luckygirl said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll take more :)

I hated "She's Come Undone" and "The Kiterunner" and anything by Jon Krakauer.

Loved "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and "Parenting Inc" and "Blue Like Jazz"

Nancy said...

oh no!!! I can't believe you lost the house. :('s a sign that you're supposed to live in my town :D

tee hee

Anonymous said...

Fun! I love your idea with the books. It is hard to pick which books to mention, so I will just go with some of my recent reads.

Liked: "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen, "The Thief" by Megan Whalen Turner, "Julia Child: My Life in France", and "Widow for a year" by John Irving

Disliked: "The Other Bolyn Girl" by Philipia Gregory, "The Whole World Over" by Julia Glass

Loved: "My Sister's Keeper" (HA! Just kidding. I was indifferent to this but know that you hated it.)

I am curious to see what books you suggest for me. Thanks!

Bummer about the house. Good luck in the search!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the house, that sucks big time. Very excited about the book recommendation service though. I've been reading a lot of mediocre books lately. Books I thought would be great, but they turned out to be crummy. Actually, I recently bought a book off a special $1 clearance rack at Borders, by an author that I'd read before and liked. Then I read the book. I want my dollar back.

So here are some books I really loved:

The Shell Collector
The Namesake
Recipes for a Perfect Marriage
The Poisonwood Bible
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

Caitlin said...

Oh, this is so much fun!! I love books!!!

The Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
A Little Princess and The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede
Larklight by Phillip Reeve
Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

The Twilight series (with a fierce and bloody passion!!!)
Pirates! by Celia Rees
Moby Dick by Herman Melville

(also, I've written a book. And I'm biased, but I love it. :) )

Heather said...

sorry to hear about the house falling through! i guess that means it wasn't the right one for you...but that doesn't make it any better does it?

i'd leave you info so you could make recommendations for me, but i am so far behind in my book list as it is...i don't think i should add more... :)

Nicole S. said...

Oooh - can I get in on this? Although I'm a bit afraid you might think my literature choices suck, but here is what I can remember I liked:

Anything by Amy Tan - read them all
Life of Pi
Catcher in the Rye
Memoirs of a Geisha
A Separate Peace

Guns, Germs and Steel
Omnivore's Dilemma

I don't like Hemingaway (I know, shame on me!) and am not usually a fan of biographies.