Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

Random weird happening in the house of cards:

N-man came into our room in the middle of the night, woke me up, said "here, Mommy, this is for you", and gave me his stuffed monkey. Then went back to sleep.

I would have thought this was some weird pregnancy-induced hallucinatory dream* except sure enough, I woke up in the morning with his monkey.


*Why doesn't anyone warn you that you'll have completely vivid and believable dreams while pregnant, and you'll wake up thinking things like, "wait, am I attending a private boarding high school? How old am I again?" or "Whoa, we totally should have planned that trip to Disney better as it was really confusing trying to find where to buy tickets at the gate."

For the record, I am not now, nor have I ever been, an attendee of a private high school. Nor have we planned a trip to Disney. And yet I woke up twice this week, convinced of the validity of these "memories".


Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh, I know just what you mean! I had such crazy vivid dreams while pregnant. A lot of the time they seemed to involve me being pregnant and destitute in a third world country. It's never happened, so no idea where that came from! The monkey thing is supercute, btw.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I really enjoyed that about pregnancy. You couldn't do much during the day but man you could really go places at night. I never got any of those great sex dreams I kept reading about. Maybe next pregnancy.

Jeanne Estridge said...

Thanks god you're not really getting a monkey. Aside from the whole face-ripping-off things, they're really nasty little animals.

Threeundertwo said...

You were probably talking in your sleep; "need a monkey! Need a monkey! NEED A MONKEY NOW!"

maggie said...

That's so funny you say that about a private high school. I had recurrent dreams while I was pg with E that I was in a fancy private HS and kept missing physics class and wasn't prepared for the tests. I woke up so stressed out every time, wondering if I was actually going to school or I really didn't know. It was totally bizarre. And I'm sure had nothing to do with fears of being unprepared to be a mom LOL.
I did get the great sex dreams too though ;)