Wednesday, January 28, 2009

High opinions of my cooking ability

As I've mentioned here from time to time, the boys have been surprisingly resistant to eating anything I make. I'm often surprised they don't just turn into stick figures.

So I haven't thought they were big fans of my cooking. And they probably aren't. But I realized today that N-man at least has extremely high expectations for my abilities. Here was our conversation this morning, when he wanted Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (his favorite).

N-man: We have apples, don't we?

Me: Yes.

N-man: And there's cinnamon in this house?

Me: Yes, why?

N-man: Why don't you just make me some Apple Cinnamon Cheerios?

Me: I think I'll just pour them out of the box.

N-man: No, I want the ones you make.

I guess I'm supposed to figure out how to make cereal for him. Perhaps I'll just pour the box onto a cookie tray while he's not looking!


Another funny N-man realization today: B-man had fallen and was crying, and N-man always likes to sing to him to make him feel better. Today he sang the ABCs. And at the end, he sang, "Now I know my Abe Eeee Cees". I asked him to repeat himself, and he definitely said it again. So funny, since at the beginning of the song he knows it's A B C! The world must be such a weird place for kids!


jongirl said...

LOL Are Apple Cinnamon Cheerios your signature dish? Forget What A Card; you should be What A Chef!

Nancy said...

hehehehehe That N-man, he's so funny :)

I'm impressed that he knows that there ARE ingredients to making things...I'm fairly certain that my kids think you can get anything and everything from the grocery store (pre-made) - including a new car. (I suppose that may indicate MY cooking skills, hmmm.)

ParentingPink said...

Thanks for stopping by my SITS featured blog today! I love meeting new bloggers! Btw, love your blog - be back to visit!

Mary Ellen said...

This is what you get for making butter with your kids ;)

Jeanne said...

Don't do it! Give in on the Cheerios, and the next thing you know he'll be expecting souffles and Baked Alaska.