Monday, January 26, 2009

Submitted for your approval...

I got to thinking about that Freedom Rock commercial, and how much I used to love it back in the late 80's, watching endless hours of MTV with friends.

But there was another commercial round about that time. It was for a skateboarding video, clips of famous (at the time) skateboarders.

Remember skateboarders? I went through a brief period where I only dated skateboarders. There was both positive AND negative graffiti about me at local skate areas. Though I'm not sure which were really the "positive" and which were the "negative". My opinion is probably in direct opposition to the boys who wrote it! I'm sure it's gone now, right? Good times.

Anyhow, my google skills are on the fritz, and I can't remember enough about this commercial to effectively search for it. I seem to recall it started with an announcer guy saying "Submitted for your approval". I could be wrong though. It's been a while!

I actually used to have the commercial taped. Yes, I was weird enough to tape favorite commercials (including Freedom Rock! Those fake hippie dudes are just way too awesome!) That was back in the day when I used to have a VCR, though, or the VHS tape it was taped on for that matter.

Dead Milkmen hosting MTV's 120 minutes was on that tape too. So were The Red Hot Chili Peppers, on to promote Mother's Milk (awesome album, no?) What a great tape that was!

That's what wrong with can't make "mix tapes" like you could with VHS!

Yes, I'm looking back on the back-in-my-day days in this very rambling post. Wow, this is all over the place, even for me. And I'm known to, shall we say, wander in my writing.

I'll sign out now.

Like you couldn't have figured that out, all on your own, without my announcement. But there it is.

Apparently it was a big lie, though, since I didn't sign out. See, you can't trust me.


Jeanne said...

My stepson was a skater in the late 80's -- were you a Betty? (That's what he and his friends called female skaters -- don't know how widespread the usage was.)

Amy said...

you're just too funny. My Jack thinks he is a skateboarder. He actually has 3 skateboards, though 2 he pilfered from his uncle and loves his tony hawk clothes..ahh I'm hoping he gets over the skateboard stage early:)

Nancy said...

heh geez. totally scattered thoughts here. Whereas I remember the Freedom Rock commercial - I *so* wasn't into skateboarders, so I can't help you there - sorry!