Monday, January 4, 2010

2010, I'm ready for ya!

Good thing, as it's 4 days in already.

Okay, I wasn't going to do a "resolutions" list. Resolutions are on the outs, aren't they? So let's call these 2010 goals, though we all know it's just semantics. These are really resolutions in goal-flavored clothing. But what the hey.

First goal for 2010: Lose the baby weight! I've got about 10 lbs to get to pre-pregnancy weight, and, if we're being honest here, about another 10 to 15 lbs to go beyond that. But I'll just be happy with fitting in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I got EA Sports Active for the wii for Hanukkah, and just did day 1 today. Don't know how frequently I'll have time to do it...I'm sure not every day, but hopefully at least a few times a week. I know, indistinct, poorly-defined goals are doomed to fail, but with three kiddos, saying "I'll do it M,W,F" is doomed to fail, too.

Second goal for 2010: Figure out if we're saying "two thousand ten" or "twenty ten". Can we get a consensus, people?

Third goal for 2010: Continue taking babysteps toward a greener lifestyle. Lots of ideas here...they'll be popping up in my green tips at the end of my blog entries!

Fourth goal for 2010: Continue doing fun things with the family, remembering to really appreciate it and be thankful.

Fifth goal for 2010: I was going to say "blog more often", but it's already 4 days into the new year and this is my first entry. Still, I think I can do better than the 5 or so posts a month I've been averaging. A huge THANK YOU to those of you who have stuck around through my relative silence. And a promise here to be better about commenting, as I've slacked on that, too.

Sixth goal for 2010: Make an effort to get to know people out this way. It's amazing we've been here almost 5 months...I need to break out of my shell! Step one I think will be joining a local mom's club.

So, that's all I can think of now, though I know there's a lot of other things if I spent more time thinking. But have to work on actually getting these blog posts up, right? Otherwise how will I work on Goal 5?

Have any goals of your own for 2010? Have any ideas for me?


Green tip of the day: Watch Food, Inc. Seriously. If you have Netflix, you can even stream it to your computer instead of waiting for it to come in the mail. I think it's important for people to be at least aware of the issue surrounding food in America, and then make their own decisions. Before I read The Omnivore's Dilemma (I'd also highly recommend to read this, but Food, Inc. covers a lot of the same ground, and somehow it's more powerful, at least for me, to see it rather than read about it), I didn't even know about many of the problems. I think Food, Inc. is a great place for people to start.

If you've seen Food, Inc., what did you think?


Thomas said...

I've been kinda scared to check out Food, Inc, but I suppose it won't hurt...much. Thanks for the tip.

Cheryl Lage said...

You and me both on the twenty-ten or two-thousand ten quandary....

Leaning twenty-ten....less syllables! ;)

Happy, Happy New Year!
(I'm going to keep calling it the two-syllable New Year as long as possible... ;) )

rich said...

DEF calling it twenty-ten, just sounds, well - cooler? Anyway - I'm eyeing the EA Active thing - I'm definitely interested to know how that goes. We're STILL a half-block from our JCC and I haven't been inside in a couple months.

Food Inc is on watch-it-now and we've been meaning to....right after we finish up Battlestar Galactica :)

What A Card said...

Thomas, I hope you enjoy it!

Cheryl, Happy New Year to you, too!

Rich, believe me when I say you'll never be so happy you bought that 1/4 cow...