Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just like those 9 legged octopii

I wouldn't say I'm a particularly big crazy magnet. I've got enough crazy all on my own, thank you very much! But being out with twins does seem to attract a particular kind of crazy.

I was out with all three kids at the supermarket yesterday. It wasn't going great, though mostly in a "everyone is acting nutty but at least not grumpy" kind of way. We had to take a rather extended potty break in the middle of shopping, and when we got out of the bathroom, there was a guy standing there, I'm guessing waiting for his wife who was the poor unfortunate person trapped in the bathroom with my nutty kids talking loudly about their potty-filling abilities.

"They twins?" he asked.

"Yep," I answered, trying to keep the kids moving. And failing miserably as all the Christmas clearance was in a bin right outside the bathroom.

"Have you heard about the octomom?"

"Yes," I answered. I'm in no mood to chat as we've been at the grocery store for approximately 2 days already, but I'm trying not to be rude. It is interesting, though. I think queries about octomom now exceed queries about Jon and Kate plus 8. Are other twin moms finding that as well?

"What'd she have? NINE kids at the same time?" he asked.

"Something like that," I answered in disbelief, wondering to myself why he thought she was called the OCTomom.

He talked more about that, right over my kids who were pointing out every santa hat and glittery thing they could find in the bin.

Then, out of no where, he busts out with some insane political stuff, about how Obama is ruining our country. Seriously, it went on and on. I wanted to ask, "You live in MASSACHUSETTS! Do you pull this crap just hoping to rile the liberals?" But I was finding him so hilarious that I was having trouble not laughing. So I gathered up the kids and hurried on our way, finding this crazy-encounter a little more amusing than just a normal run-of-the-mill, unremarkable nut. Thanks, strange man. Your mixed up, ill-informed insanity actually brightened my day.

Sometimes it's fun to be a crazy-magnet!


Green tip for the day: I'll go with something grocery related since my post was about grocery shopping. Figure out a way that works for you so you don't forget your reusable bags. There are some models that fit in your purse so you'll always have them with you.

Here's what works for me: After I unpack my bags, I put them right in front of the door. Next time I go out, I put the bags on the front seat of my car. It looks a little messy, and of course I have to move them when TK and I are both in the car, but I always see them there and rarely forget to bring them in to the store!

Just keep an eye on your bagger or you might end up with this:

Why yes, that is all my groceries packed into about 10 plastic bags, that were then shoved into my reusable bags. I was distracted at the checkout by my kids, and didn't notice until I was taking my bags out of my cart to load into the car.

I figure the guy who packed them either didn't notice until the end that I had reusable bags, or really, really hates the environment.

I hope this never happens to me again, though I must admit, I found it somewhat hilarious to open up my reusable bags and just keep finding more and more plastic bags. It's like an environmentalist's nightmare! Luckily, I know where the local recycling drop off is for plastic bags :)


Janna said...

I hate being asked about the Octomom (and J+K). Seriously, two at a time is not even close to six or eight!?!?! And I'm not in the business of exploiting my children! okay, rant over.

I do the same thing with grocery bags (leave them by the door when they're empty to take out to the car) but I put them in the backseat of my car, at the feet of the car seat. There's no way I'd forget a twin, so I see the bags every time I'm getting the boys out of the car and grab them at the same time. And whenever I do get plastic bags (didn't bring enough bags or the checker puts something - like shampoo - in a plastic bag in my reusable bag) I use them for dog clean up or trash liners.

Janna said...

I just noticed the title of this post - HILARIOUS! :)

What A Card said...

Thanks Janna! And you're right, I do find uses for those plastic bags...mostly for holding my kids' snow boots and snow pants to and from school :)

Anonymous said...

Nope, I am never asked about the OctoMom or Jon and Kate plus 8. Pretty lucky, now that I think of it!

I hate it when they give me plastic bags in my regular bag! I used to leave our reusable bags in the car when we had one car, but once we had two cars I found that they were always in the wrong car.

I got one of those pretty fold up bags for my purse and now I always have at least one bag for random trips like to CVS.

I like the post title, very funny!


jongirl said...

You obviously look like a pleasant person; thus, a willing candidate for the "crazies" to chat with. Try scowling more and muttering to yourself!
Although it might be genetic ... your Mom is the original weirdo magnet, but most of the time I do enjoy chatting with them (as you've witnessed). Maybe it's ME who is the weirdo! Yikes!

mo.stoneskin said...

You and I are similar in attracting these types. I have spent MY ENTIRE LIFE fending off 9-legged octopii I mean weirdos who for some reason think I am their friend.


What I mean is, I'm kind and I listen and I'm not rude and I'm prepared to see the best in people but BLIMEY DO I KNOW YOU?!

Emotions running away with me there. I'm not speaking to you, I'm speaking to the octopus. But yeah, I get it a lot, they flock to me like ducks to the bread-bearer.

Amy said...

We were always asked about octomom especially since we had the twins at the same time she had her 8 and we had a 101/2 month old at the time (kind of like triplets) People would say just be glad your not that octomom. I am glad, but I'm not that crazy or stupid to do something like she did.

i'll have to try putting the bags right back in the car after shopping. I hate when I forget my bags. I absolutely hate having plastic bags especially when they only put 1 or maybe 2 items in the bag.