Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reusable Cups

Once again, I'm participating in Reduce Footprints' Change the World Wednesday challenge. This past week's challenge was:

This week only use reusable mugs/glasses. Yep ... for seven whole days, refuse anything that isn't reusable. Bring your own mug to your favorite coffee shop ... haul your own glass to the soda dispenser at the corner convenience store ... carry your own mug/glass to fast-food restaurants. If a drink comes in something that will be tossed out ... either don't buy it or use your own vessel.

Oh, I thought for sure I had this one in the (reusable) bag! We rarely eat a fast food restaurants. I gave up going out for coffee a few months ago (read about how I broke the habit here). My biggest problem is that most restaurants serve kid's drinks in plastic cups that get thrown away after one use. But I've long been taking those cups home to recycle or reuse, and try to bring them back if we're going to the same restaurant. I also got some good ideas here.

Then my husband and I decided to take the kids to Moe's for dinner one night this week. It was a special treat...we all like their Mexican food, and it's fast enough that the baby usually doesn't get upset and we can make it home in time for bedtime. I even brought the kids' cups from last time we were there. But Moe's is a fast food restaurant. The cups for adults are disposable. As a nursing mom, I'm thirsty CONSTANTLY. Skipping a drink just wasn't an option. So I got one. Challenge--FAIL.

Oh well, part of why I like these challenges is that they open my eyes and make me think about things. What did I learn this week? I'm a nursing mom, and it's irresponsible to go out without a drink. I have a reusable water bottle, and I need to be better about bringing it with me where ever I go. That way I won't be stuck somewhere, thirsty, needing to stop to buy a drink. Not only will this help me reduce the amount of garbage I generate, it will also help me save money so I'm not tempted to buy a drink whenever I get thirsty.


Amy said...

I did this challenge also and totally failed. I had a birthday party for my twins and had large plastic cups. I must have used at least 3 myself, because I kept forgetting where I put it. The party was at my house so at least I could have used a glass cup. Like you said it was a learning experiment.

Small Footprints said...

Gosh ... awareness is half the battle so ... I don't agree that you failed ... not at all (you either, Amy). And I love your attitude about viewing it as an area where improvements could be made. The beauty of these challenges is that we can do them any time ... and they always count!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow ... I hear the challenge comes from a very special person! :)

Sandy said...

What an idea this is! Initially in thinking about it I thought, that wouldn't be hard for me either. We don't eat in fastfood joints much either but then I thought.....Dunkin' Donuts! I'm on the road so I drive through a couple times a week....could I pass them a reusable cup? Hmmm, might have to try that just as a test. Thanks for a bit of an eyeopener.