Tuesday, March 10, 2009

N-man's drinking problem, and a house showing

We had someone coming by tonight to look at our house, and TK wasn't going to be home from work, so I took the boys out to dinner since they were coming right at dinner time and, well, kids have to eat.

I figured these folks might be less likely to buy the house if we were sitting in the kitchen having dinner while they tried to look at our house.

Anyway, the boys got chocolate milk, which I poured into small coffee cups, with those coffee cup lids where a piece bends back so there's a place for you to sip out. They really liked that set up, and didn't want to use a straw, so I let them go to town.

N-man, however, went to take a sip but didn't line up the open part with his mouth. When he tipped the cup, the milk just ran right out, all down his shirt and pants.

"Ah! Ah!", he exclaimed. "Mommy! I tried to get the milk in my mouth, but then EVERYTHING went WRONG!"

I just burst out laughing. Have you ever heard a better explanation for a spill?


We were out all day looking at houses in a town about 45 minutes away from where we currently live. While we were out, our agent got a call from someone who wanted to see our house tonight at 6pm. Okay, fine, we'll do whatever it takes. Even though our house is kind of messy (you know, kid-messy) and we're 45 minutes away. And TK is going back to work and won't be home to help clean up, or to help take the kids out at 6. And 6 is pretty much exactly dinner time. If I fed them at 5, it would be a race to get the kitchen cleaned up (and to get the kids done eating...sometimes dinner can easily last an hour, an amazing occurrence when you consider that my kids eat almost nothing!) And if I waited until the showing was done, it would be too late given a 7:30 bedtime.

So out to dinner we planned to go. At 5:30, I was getting on the kids shoes. Their agent came in the door. Half an hour early! Good thing I was already getting ready to go. Then the couple pulled in. HALF AN HOUR EARLY! Huh? And, crap, you've blocked my car in!

For a second, I wanted to make them move their cars. But no way, I'm not giving anyone a bad initial impression of us or our house. I smiled, apologized for not being gone yet (even though they were a ridiculous THIRTY MINUTES early), and bundled the kids out.

We actually have a restaurant we can walk to. About 1/4 mile away, there's an Au Bon Pain. The boys really like their mac and cheese, and I've been desperate for their Chicken Rice bowl.

We got in and ordered. They were out of mac and cheese. Gasp! But with little complaint, the boys both agreed that grilled cheese sandwiches would be acceptable.

The buzzer buzzes. I go up to get our food. And they're out of my chicken rice bowl. What? So I went there for mac and cheese and chicken and rice, and they don't have any of it? I got some gross spicy beef rice bowl instead, which I mostly threw away. And the boys didn't like their grilled cheese...it was on hard crusted bread. So they mostly threw their meal away. What a waste of money.

And all because these people couldn't come when they said they would to see our house. Or at least come a more reasonable 15 minutes early. If they had, I would have been able to take the car and go to the pizza place like I'd originally planned. Mmmm, pizza! They better buy our house... (hee! That would be nice, if to make up for this reasonably slight inconvenience, they place an offer. I know they were at least kind of serious as there are footprints all through our snowy backyard. I doubt I'd traipse through someone's snowy backyard unless I was at least somewhat interested.)

In other house-selling news, we have a broker open house Thursday, someone scheduled to see our house Saturday, and another open house Sunday. Let's get this house SOLD!


Anonymous said...

Love N-Man's logical summing-up of his drinking woes! Good luck with your Open Houses; hope you get an offer from last night's lookers and a Bidding War commences ...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds stressful. You must be laid back because I'm entirely too high strung to have walked to a different restaurant. I certainly would have asked them to move their car! And then explained of course that the realtor said 6 pm and that's what you were planning for...in other, words, my house would never sell...lol

Anonymous said...

I remember those days! Don't miss 'em at all! Though you seem to be super chipper about the overall inconveniences. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

N-Man is so funny! Bummer about your dinner. Thirty minutes early? Thank goodness you were almost ready to go! Good luck!

Nancy said...

OH MY GOSH - I literally laughed out loud at N-Man :)

Fingers crossed for an offer on your house :)

Jeanne Estridge said...

Sounds like you're getting a lot of traffic, and that's always a good sign!

Anonymous said...

I love the "EVERYTHING went WRONG" comment, its beyond cute. Dang I wish my babies could talk!

Small House said...

Cute chocolate milk story. And dang I hope you get your house sold. And that you find one to move in to!

Stopped by from SITS!
Have a great day.

Mary Ellen said...

Did you hear about the woman in Florida? She called 911 (THREE TIMES) when her local McDonalds ran out of chicken mcnuggets. In her defense, they also refused to give her her money back... but it's a little McNutty...

When we were selling our house (two years ago...), I used to take Lucy to McDonalds. We did sometimes overlap with the buyers who would always say, so nicely, "Oh no! You (poor pregnant woman with whiny toddler) you don't have to leave the house on our account!" But I always really, really wanted to -- and I hope it helped. Who knows...