Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tattooed Grandma, Porcupine Skin, and Unsold Houses

Hold on to your hats, this post is going to be all over the place!

My mom got a new tattoo. It's very pretty...she sent us a picture. It's on her shoulder, so the picture just shows a bit of her back and arm and the back of her head. I showed it to the boys with no description, just said, "Hey guys, come look at this picture." B-man's immediate comment: "Is that Grandma?" I love that when they see a tattoo, they immediately know it's got to be Grandma! Then N-man followed it up with "Why is Grandma naked?" Hey, bud, that's just the kind of Grandma you have! Scantily clad and tattooed. (I should have asked her if I could post the picture...it really is quite a nice one!)


N-man came into our bedroom this morning just as we were starting to wake up. He happily announced, "Bones are hard. Skin is soft. But not a porcupine's." Um, okay? Thanks for the early morning bit of randomness.


We've made an offer on a house. I'm starting to get a little nervous and have second thoughts. I know, kind of late for that, and I'm hoping my second thoughts are just the nerves I'd be having no matter what. Our offer is contingent upon our house selling by the end of April, and if anyone else makes an offer before then, we'd have to match their closing date (which we wouldn't be able to do, so we'd just have to pass on the house at that point). So this offer is far from a sure thing. We'll see what happens.

We dropped the price of our house, but we're still not getting much interest. Our house is definitely much nicer than the other two houses in our town that are priced the same as ours is now. So if someone is looking in our town in our price range, I feel confident they'd pick our house now that we dropped the price. I guess it's just a waiting game for that person looking in our town, in our price range. Where are you, home shopper?


Nancy said...

As always, your kids crack me up :)

So...perhaps what the universe is telling you is that you need to start looking for a house in MY town again. *grin* Just kidding (sort of)...I'm actually really hoping you get an offer on your house very soon.

jongirl said...

Bury a small plastic St. Joseph statue in your yard or garden and your house will sell within two weeks. Then dig St. Joseph up and take him to your new house and he will bless it with happiness. This might sound like a superstition,(ya think?) but supposedly it works. And you know you'll never hear the end of it from me if it does. Try it! Can't hurt and might help.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'll look at the pic as long as it's not MY grandma! lol

Good luck with the house!

maggie said...

so WOW on the house offer!! send me a link so i can see it!

and i just love your kids. and your mom. i'll send her a note on FB asking for the pic :)

Threeundertwo said...

Yep, this comes up as #4 when you google "tattooed grandma." Like a lot of people are googling that.

I need to come up with some cool post titles like this to drive traffic to my blog.