Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yet Another House Update

I swear I'll try to think of something more interesting soon. The whole "sell the house/buy a house" thing has just become so entirely all-consuming, it eats up all my attention!

Okay, so we had our first open house today. Ten couples came through. No one made an offer. Our real estate agent is going to try to get some feedback from other agents for us. I suspect it's primarily things we can't change (i.e., it's on a busy street, or it's an odd layout, etc), but maybe there are some minor things we could fix/change to appeal to more people. Who knows. It's only been on the market for 4 days, so I'm not getting worried yet.

On the house hunting side, I am getting a little worried. We haven't seen anything that would be acceptable yet. Today we saw the nicest house yet, but it was at the VERY top of our price range, and it was on the LITTLEST lot. I doubt there'd even be room for a swing set, except maybe on the side of the house. Oh, and it was pretty darn close to the commuter rail tracks. A lot of negatives for completely maxing out our budget.

Yesterday, though, we saw what was both the most awesome and most depressing house ever. The good: very affordable, in an awesome location (closer to TK's work than most of the houses we're looking at), and it had a frikkin' secret room! Off one of the bedrooms, there was a fake built in cabinet. When you pulled on it, it was door to a rather large secret room! So, so cool!

The bad: it was in a swamp. Literally. The basement would flood regularly. There was standing water right up to the edge of the house. Can you imagine the mosquitoes in the summer?

The best part of a house in a swamp: Monty Python quotes :)


Nancy said...

Secret room?! Holy cow - that'd be SO.COOL. You guys could hide from the kids! LOL

Don't give up on the house hunt. We had been looking for 4 or 5 months or so and we had actually JUST told our agent that we were going to stop looking until after the baby came...when I saw that "one more" house.'s this one. We saw a lot of lemons and a lot that were great - but way out of our range, or not close enough to where we needed them to be.

Amy said...

10 couples, thats awesome! I want a secret room:) definitely agree with Nancy, don't give up yet-we saw soo many horrors and than found "our" house and everything eventually fell into place.