Monday, March 23, 2009

Where's my brain?

It's in my head!

But it's not always working. I'm beginning to get pregnancy brain.

When I was pregnant with the boys, my most awesome experience was when I went to the grocery store with a short list of about 10 items. When I got home, I realized I had forgotten to get two of the items on the list, which I needed to make dinner. How do you look at a list of only ten things, and somehow not see two of them?

But it turned out it didn't matter. Because after I bought and paid for the groceries, I left the bags sitting at the end of the register. Yep, I'd bought groceries, but managed to go home with nothing. And I didn't notice right away.

Luckily, things haven't gotten that bad yet. Though I was convinced we had a Mother of Twins meeting tonight, and it's actually next week. I'm glad I thought to check before I just went tonight.

But I am getting worried about what I will forget. It's kind of funny, but also kind of scary. I hope I don't forget anything important. I have a dentist appointment Friday morning. They called me today to remind me. I felt like telling them if they really wanted to make sure I didn't miss the appointment, they should probably call 20 minutes before I'm supposed to be there...

Want to take bets on if I'll remember my dentist appointment come Friday??


N-man is finally doing okay with going pee on the potty. If we're at home. If not, it's still pee-in-the-pants time. But I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the potty training tunnel. Hopefully it's not just the headlight of an oncoming train, about to shatter my hopefulness about eventually having two potty trained boys.

Want to take bets on if it's the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train?


It was my turn this month to provide choices for the book group I'm part of. I put Talk Talk by T. C. Boyle on the list, though I was worried about the choice. Of course, that was what the group selected (instead of The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon, which has been on my list of choices the past three times I provided picks and I've been desperate to read but keep putting it off in the hopes we'll pick it for book group). Our book group only reads books out in paperback (easier to get at the library, or less expensive to buy), and Talk Talk is the only one of Boyle's books out in paperback that I haven't read yet. But it's a thriller. I'm not too keen on thrillers, and anyway, I'm not sure how great it'll be for a book group to discuss, especially if some members haven't finished. On the other hand, I've loved a number of his books, and found all of them interesting or enjoyable, even if I didn't LOVE them. So I picked this solely based on the author even though the book itself doesn't appeal to me.

Oh well, the choice has been made, and I guess this is what I get for putting a selection I wasn't sure about on my list! Anyone (Laura?? I probably should have just addressed this section directly to you!) know if Talk Talk is any good?

Want to take bets on if my book group will love or hate this book?


Anonymous said...

Ha! Too funny. I just wrote a post about how my twins have restructured my brain. According to the wise LauraC, a woman's brain gets 8% smaller during pregnancy, but when it recovers, its far more advanced :)

Nancy said...

Hm. I must be waiting for that "more advanced" part still ;)

Geez. I thought that twins meeting was tonight too! Oops.

...and don't worry about the book club. You'll forget to read the book, and then forget to go to the meeting! LOL (just kidding ;) )

Anonymous said...

Let me know when your dentist app't is and I'll phone a half-hour beforehand! As a matter of fact, anything you need to be reminded of ... I'll be glad to be your daily calendar-caller.

Fingers crossed - Hooray to almost having 2 toilet trained!

Snickollet said...

My roommate has started the book and doesn't like it so far. But she's not really a member of the club, so that doesn't count :).

I haven't started it yet.

Anonymous said...

Well I can certainly sympathize with the pregnancy brain. As far as remembering the doctors appointment, I can tell you that I din't remember mine in the exact same circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I don't recall Alyssa forgetting major things - but she did once forget the word, "spoon." That was a good one.

Jeanne Estridge said...

Working on novels has the same effect on my brain -- guess it's driven by creation.

Anonymous said...

oh, you've got a long way to go, my friend. the mom of one of my ex's once loaded all of the groceries into the car and then drove off without the kid(s). gotta love what kids do to your memory.

watch out for that train! or maybe that's just my subconscious talking because misery loves company and i am still "fighting" to get the h-man to poop in the potty. sigh.

LauraC said...

Might I recommend a novel product for you... a calendar? HA HA!

I thought Talk Talk was okay. The majority of it was classic Boyle but then it was almost like he wasn't sure how to end a thriller since he doesn't typically write thrillers.

HOWEVER I read it when it came out in hardback (love my library) and that was when my boys were not sleeping through the night. I fell asleep to the last 30 pages 5 nights in a row. So maybe I remember it wrong?

Good luck, but unfortunately I don't think this is the novel to create any Boyle fans...

jubilee said...

LOL. I had pregnancy brain too. Once I almost walked out of the store without my groceries. I wasn't even pregnant at the time. Now, THAT's embarrassing.

The author you mentioned sounds interesting . . .

(Popped over from SITS)