Thursday, June 19, 2008

Continuing to embarrass myself with SYTYCD predictions

Since I don't bother to vote, I don't exactly think I fit the demographic of who is actually making the decisions of the bottom 3. But, here are my votes for the bottom three this week. So all these couples should breathe easy if my predictions last week are any indication of my ability to make guesses :)

1) Matt and Kourtni. I still love Kourtni. I loved when Nigel complimented Matt for being so strong to be able to lift Kourtni that she just gave a sarcastic "Thanks, Nigel". I think she's interesting and beautiful. But lets be honest, that foxtrot was a) boring, and b) not well danced.

2) Suzie and Marquis. I'm not in love with either of them. I forget about Marquis, and something annoys me about Suzie. And their salsa was blah. Bottom three, baby!

3) Comfort and Chris. Am I being overly optimistic since Chris is my least favorite of the guy dancers? He can't get voted off unless he's in the bottom three, so I keep hoping that's where they'll end up! Their crump routine was also not memorable.

My guess to be voted off tonight: Mia. Oh wait, she's a judge. She drives me crazy, and she made Kherington cry (BTW, how awesome were Kherington and Twitch? I never like waltzes, and that was outstanding). I go back and forth between pissed off at Mia and just feeling bad for her obvious awkwardness and inability not to offend everyone.

My real guesses: Matt and Suzie. I would be fine if Chris went home instead of Matt...I'd actually prefer he go home but I can't remember how good of a dancer he is. Matt's solo last week was blah so I suspect it might not be enough to save him this week if he's bottom 3 again. I might change my vote to Chris and Suzie. I don't know. I need to get my votes in soon, though. Do any of you have an opinion? Help a girl out...I'm in last place in the betting pool!!


Snickollet said...

Twitch and Kherrington: OMG, I was sobbing.

I think Chelsea and Thayne are in danger, although to a certain degree I think they were victims of a lame dance and terrible costumes. That said, I also thought they lacked chemistry in a big way.

Matt and Kourtni were boring.

Chris is bad, and although Comfort is very good, I would not be sad to see them in the bottom three so that Chris could go.

I agree with you that Suzie is the girl who needs to leave. I don't like her.

What A Card said...

You're right, I almost put Chelsea and Thayne in the bottom three instead of Chris and Comfort. But then there'd be no way Chris would get sent home.

I did change my final vote to Chris and Suzie. I also managed to email my picks to the ENTIRE voting pool. Way to keep it secret. I'm such a dip. Of course, since I'm terrible at this, there's not much risk of anyone wanting to copy my votes. In fact, I bet everyone hurries up and changes their votes if it overlapped with mine at all :)

Snickollet said...

I'm with you: Chris and Suzie. Let's see how we do!