Monday, June 30, 2008

I stop posting for a few days...

...and my stats take a nose dive! What, you all expect me to have NEW posts??? You don't just keep rereading my old news??

Well, we're back from vacation, so prepare for the onslaught. Or as much of an onslaught as I can sneak in. My house is a mess, we're getting big boy beds delivered tomorrow, the boys aren't sleeping well post-vacation, we're all vaguely sick. You know, the normal complaints.

But on the plus side:
  • We got to do a lot of swimming while we were on vacation. It only took about a day before N-man was willing to get more than his feet wet.
  • The boys went on their first pony rides, and the "pony" turned out to be a full-sized horse!
  • We had cake and ice cream for dessert every lunch and dinner.
  • N-man only fell out of the bed 2 of the 3 nights we were there. B-man only fell out once!
Anyway, we had fun, but it's so nice to be home. Time to run out to the grocery store...we don't have anything in the house. The boys are flipping out that we have no milk. This morning they stirred Ovaltine into their water! Ick!

More soon, so don't desert me again!


Nancy said...

Welcome back!! I checked often, but alas, no updates. Happy to be reading again :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home.
Sorry to desert you...but I'm on vacation too!
Will be back in full blog mode come Monday morning......AT WORK!