Thursday, June 12, 2008

So I Think I Can Dance

Okay, all of you who aren't fans of the show...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? Do you think you're too good for reality TV? Do you think a dance show isn't interesting? Are you too busy to devote 4 hours a week to watching? Wait, that last one actually is a pretty good reason. Anyway, I'll try to keep my SYTYCD posts to a minimum.

Here are my predictions for the bottom 3 tonight:

Marquis and Suzie: They danced a snooze-fest, oops, I mean slow waltz. I always get those mixed up. Plus, they were the second couple to dance so people will have forgotten them. Suzie already drives me crazy. I like Marquis well enough, though.

Chris and Comfort: Okay, Comfort cracks me up. I thought she was pretty good at the jive...far better than I expected, and I just love how she says "Miss Mary". It so reminds me of living down south! I really like her personality. Not sure about her dancing, but I like her. Chris: blah. If you have to keep announcing that you really do have lots of personality, well, I hate to break it to you, but that means you don't.

Will and Jessica: Their tango was forgettable. I doubt Will's at much risk with his "Debbie Allen protege" status, but unless Debbie spent those two hours using all her phones to vote for Will, I think they're in trouble.

My prediction for who's going home tonight: Chris and Jessica. I hope it's Suzie who goes home, but I think Jessica will take the fall.

What did I love the most: Joshua and Katee's hip hop number. It was so powerful and beautifully danced. I was prepared to dislike Katee, but she blew me away. And going in I thought Joshua was just Twitch-lite, but I've had to revise my thinking. Maybe Twitch is Joshua-lite.

Final parting comment: Does anyone like Mia Michael or think her choreography is outstanding? I find her to be pretentious, and I felt bad for that ridiculous dress they made Chelsie H. wear that buried her in 10 pounds of flounce.

Random unrelated thought: 1st CSA pick-up tonight! Between that and the first SYTYCD results show of the season...Hooooooo EEEE!

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