Monday, June 30, 2008

CSA Week 3: Can't be BEET!

We were on vacation this past week, which presented a bit of a problem: we were in danger of missing our CSA pickup! Gasp! So, we left a little early, and went to the Sunday pickup instead of our normal Thursday pick up. We hit traffic on the way home, and believe me, I was sweating that we might have been too late to pick up. But we arrived with about half an hour to spare, and got our veggies. Unfortunately, it was raining, we'd all been cooped up in the car all day, and we still hadn't eaten dinner and it was already nearly the boys' bedtime so we skipped the you-pick stuff this week. Ah well, since it's a short week (we'll be picking up our Week 4 distribution on Thursday), it's just as well.

Here it is, in all it's glory:

So here's what we've got:

A bunch of kale
3/4 lb spinach
A bunch of bok choy (I'm not sure if I should try something else or go with the recipe I loved last time. Anyone have a bok choy recipe they care to share?)
Two heads lettuce
1 bunch beets (we chose golden beets rather than regular beets)
1 bunch small onions (anyone know what those are or how to use them?)
2 lbs squash (we chose three different varieties: summer squash, whatever that green thing is in the middle (anyone know??), and patty pan squash).

Not too overwhelming, and includes a bunch of things I've never tried before (golden beets, some of the squash, and kale). So it should be a fun cooking week!

As always, if you have a recipe to share using any of these ingredients, leave a comment!

Random unrelated thought: Can I mention once more how much I absolutely adore Kourtni on So You Think You Can Dance? I just watched last Thursday's show (which I missed when we were out of town), and in her solo, she danced to one of my very favorite Ani DiFranco songs, Fire Door. She was beautiful, the song was beautiful. She may just convince me, after so many seasons of never voting, to pick up the phone and vote for her. Why is she always in the bottom three?

Kourtni, I love you!


Anonymous said...

I was totally thinking of you during the Ani DiFranco dance! What a treat for you!

We've gotten lots of patty pan squash lately but since you've only got 1 plus the yellow squash, I'd do this:
Cube the squash, chop the onion, and chop some small tomatoes. Sautee all them together in EVOO til soft (10 mins?). Add salt, pepper, and fresh basil during the last minute of cooking. YUM.

Anonymous said...

Love Kourtni too. I've missed sooo much. Thank goodness for DVR.
Can't wait to go back home and catch up.