Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It was easier to get into college...

I'm currently flipping out about preschool, so I'm about to subject you all to my insanity. We picked out a preschool that we totally love. Visited it, talked to the director on a number of occasions, who assured us it wouldn't be a problem to get our boys in. It's the only preschool we've visited that I've totally loved. So, last night I went to the open house to get the application.

Here are the stats: 44 parents in attendance (and I know at least one of them besides me has twins). Number of openings for 2008-2009: 7. Yes, seven. And I have twins so I'd need two spots. Oh, and they admit residents of the town before non-residents. We are not residents.

I asked the woman in charge of admittance what she thought, and her answer was "Don't worry yet, we usually have a lot of movement on our wait lists." Basically, we will certainly be wait listed, so our best hope is to get a lottery number near the top of the wait list. That's our BEST hope? Shoot. One other "helpful" parent added that her daughter didn't get off the waitlist until July. Great. And she is a town resident. I can't wait until the end of the summer to finalize preschool plans for September!

So now I struggle to find another preschool. Shoot. I thought I'd been so proactive. We visited all the preschools in the fall. If I had known it would be impossible to get into this one, I would have just signed up at one of the preschools that accepted applications in the fall. Now I'm in a bind.

Oh well. Things will work out, right?? Right??

Random unrelated thought: Yesterday I got my first comment on the blog from someone I don't know. Unless it is someone I know, just posting with an assumed name. I was ridiculously excited. I mean, here I am yelling out into the's nice to know someone heard me. Not to mention the comment was a validation that I'm not the only one in the world to dislike My Sister's Keeper. So thanks, Sarah! You made my otherwise crap-tacular day.

Wow, not that a comment on my blog isn't exciting, but it really shows how bad a day it was if that was the high point! I hope today looks up, but one of my sons is sick today, as am I, and I'm overly focused on the Great Preschool Debacle, and TK isn't coming home until after dinner tonight. Geez, I guess I better hope for another blog comment since otherwise my "high" point will probably end up being paying the bills.


Snickollet said...

Well, you know me, so this comment isn't all that exciting, but still. Here's something: I added you to my blogroll and my Google reader feed, so there! That counts, right?

Sorry about your preschool woes. I remember going through the same song and dance when trying to find infant daycare for M&R. Having twins can complicate things.

Amnesia said...

God...I had no idea that preschool was going to be such a big deal. I am having a fit now.

What A Card said...

Yes, it's super nervewracking, the whole preschool thing. Double the fears with twins, since you have to get two slots, not just one. In fact, even our 2nd choice preschool we ended up going with our second choice option (3 days per week vs. 2 days) since the 2 day per week class only had one opening left. Oh well, it'll all be fine.

I tend to get in a bigger tizzy than necessary, so I hope it goes more smoothly for you :)