Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cookies and stalkers

It's so funny to look through and see what google hits are bringing people to my blog.

For me, it's often the carrot oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe. I can't believe how many people google that recipe. Oh drat, now I've mentioned it again. Sorry, all you random googlers who are now ending up here. And hi! Welcome! Follow this link to the recipe, with my apologies for the extra step.

The other google search I used to get all the time was for "what a card". I'm not sure who's stalking me around the internet (I do use "what a card" as my handle on other sites as well), but they must have either given up or finally bookmarked my site (if so, hi former stalker!)

I also get a lot of poopy diaper kid related hits. I guess potty-training failure drives people to the internet. Hi all you failed potty-trainers! Welcome, I'm happy to commiserate with you and glad to have the company.

I think the random google hits are one of my favorite parts of having a blog. That no matter how odd or insane I think something I've said is, someone is bound to end up here having done an even more odd or insane google search. So this one is for you, random google searcher! I love you a little bit!

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