Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm LESS green than the average US citizen??

Wow, according to this test, my GreenIQ is slightly lower than the average US citizen, which I find hard to believe.

My GreenIQ is 59

I think I must have entered something wrong, or maybe they don't take into consideration that it was winter in New England and therefore energy costs were high. Or maybe my lack of public transportation usage puts me behind all those city-dwellers. Who knows. Anyway, it was an interesting test, and there are some good tips on the site (as well as some annoying advertising while you're taking the test).

Plus, they'll donate a tree just for you taking the test. How's that for a pretty painless way to participate in Earth Day? Well, we'll see how painless it is when I see how much junk email I end up getting as a result of this. Oh well, at least they only ask for an email address so they won't clutter up my actual mailbox with paper waste :)


The Bibliophile said...

Thanks so much for your positive comment! It's always nice to track down potential long lost relatives. :)

maggie said...

Ok I got a 62 so clearly you entered something wrong. I don't even try that hard (we're getting better, but not really putting much effort honestly). I bet the $ on utilities had an effect. Didn't you know you're supposed to wear another sweater in the winter and sweat your ass off in the summer to be green :) I don't mind the sweater, but I'll be damned if I'm going to have the thermostat set to 80 in the summer.

Giovanna said...

WOW I scored at 53!
I thought for sure I'd be in the teens!