Friday, April 11, 2008

Raking leaves

Yesterday I raked seven more bags of fallen leaves.

What, did you think I mis-dated this blog...something from last October that somehow just got posted in April? Nope. I procrastinated fall clean-up long enough that it's become spring clean-up. Gotta love that the kids can jump in leaf piles all year round!

So, while we were out there, the boys kept asking to plant something. Anyone have any suggestions of something that would be easy? And likely to grow and not be eaten by bugs or wild animals? I've got the complete opposite of a green thumb (what's that? An orange thumb?)

Random unrelated thought: The boys are telling the most hilarious jokes. For example: I ask, how old are you, and they answer "Twenty. And a half". Or, they say apropos of nothing, "Mommy's a ....BOY!" and dissolve into gales of laughter. Or they start to sing the alphabet: "A B C D E F....L!" That one can get them both laughing for twenty minutes at least, as can their newest similar joke: "1 2 3 4...8!"

I'd ask where they get this sense of humor, but it's totally from me. They didn't get me hair color or eye color or any of my physical traits, but they've been blessed with my ridiculous sense of humor. I just can't wait until they're old enough to understand my favorite joke:

Ask me if I'm a truck.

Are you a truck?



KCRSummertime said...

I think the classic easy-to-grow thing is peas. You can start them in some dirt in a cup, and then after they sprout, you can put them in the dirt. They grow really fast.

Sunflowers are also very fun/easy to plant (though I'd wait a little bit till it's a tiny bit warmer). The seeds are nice & big, and the flowers are INCREDIBLY satisfying. Growing something that's twice as tall as you are is pretty neat!

What A Card said...

Thank you for the suggestion...we just bought sunflower seeds. That was the perfect suggestion. Now I just have to hope they grow!