Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Use the Force!

I've just started reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon, and thought I'd share a fun quote with you:

He had devoted an embarrassing number of hours to mute concentration--brow furrowed, breath held--to the development of his brain's latent powers of telepathy and mind control.

Hee! Remember doing that? I'm a Star Wars girl, so for me, it was the hours wasted trying to "Use the Force". Unfortunately, I've been forced (hee, hee, get it? Forced??) to face the fact that my midichlorian count must be exceedingly low as nothing ever moved for me. Not even a wiggle. I'd be lying in bed reading and would have to get up out of bed, walk all the way across the room, and turn out the light (don't even ask why my parents didn't get me a small nightstand light, but all I had was the overhead). Every night from about age eight to age twelve, I'd try and try to use the force to turn out that light. Nothing. Ah well. It's funny, because I am a SLIder and have been plagued with Street Lamp Interference as an adult. (Look it up! I'm only half kidding about this. I really do have this problem, although my theory is that my mind is just somehow more tuned into lights turning off than the normal person. I.e., I think lights go off often for everyone but normal people don't even notice.)

In college, TK lived with a guy who would spend hours trying to use his mind to do things like even out the spinning of a fan. You'd think he was a stoner...nope. Or stupid...nope (in fact, he graduated as valedictorian of the engineering program of the very large school we attended). He was just a really odd guy. Fun, nice, and kind of one of those people who was so smart he looped back around to dumb. I wish we'd kept in touch with him. I'd love to hear an update of how his mind control powers are going.

So what are your stories of your efforts to develop your latent telekinesis?

Random unrelated thought: B-man is cracking us up because he's becoming just as bossy as his mommy. He's started giving us advice. I say, "I'm tired" and he says, "Maybe you should take a nap". TK turns a corner a little too fast in the van, and B-man's little voice pipes up from the backseat, "Maybe you should slow down". It's pretty hilarious!

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KCRSummertime said...

I'm less surprised by your efforts at telekinesis (I tried that for much longer than I tried to fly) than I am by the fact that you didn't have a bedside light growing up. I would have read with a flashlight, rather than getting out of bed!!!