Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random silliness

Okay, I've been in a pissed off mood. What, you noticed? Did my last blog entry tip you off? (Note for future readers, I'm not sure how long my rant will stay up. I'd imagine it will become the first of my posts to be thrown into the trash bin, for obvious reasons to anyone who has read and has become worried that my relatives would seek to poison my food. So if you read this, look down an entry, and wonder to yourself, "hmmm, why does a quickie post about Star Wars mean she's in a bad mood?", well, that just means you missed it. See, that's what you get for not checking all the time to make sure I don't have a new post up! I hope you've learned your lesson!)

But, my bad mood is affecting my ability to think of blogging topics. All my ideas are mean and contain lots of asterisks standing in for swear words. That's just not good. So in an effort to cheer myself up and lighten the mood, you will now be treated to one randomly weird thing about me. Here it is:

I used to be a carny. Okay, it might not have been that bad. I worked two summers at a shady local amusement park in the games department. You know, "step right up, step right up and try your luck!"

Yes, the games are fixed.

Want to know any insider tips? I was the queen of Wacky Wire. Oh yeah, I was unstoppable, although not as good as the guy who worked there who could do it with his eyes closed. I wonder if I could still do it?

When I worked in the arcade, I used to bring lots of quarters and play Lita Ford endlessly. And sometimes Guns and Roses. I probably spent more those days than I made.

The only saving grace of that crappy job was when I'd get to work a game with a friend (hi, Maggie!) Or when someone you knew was working at the ice cream stand and would give you a free ice cream when you went on break. Is there anything more delicious than stolen ice cream? Oh, my life of crime!

Wow, that was kind of fun. Lots better than an angry rant! Watch out, you might be subjected to more odd remembrances...

Random unrelated thoughts: The boys haven't been napping well. Today was a beautiful day so we were playing in the backyard. I made up a game that required them to run up and down a hill in our backyard. Yes, I made up the game to tire them out. Does that make me a bad mom? Because it worked great and they both napped. I might take them out every day to play this game. I guess the real test of "mom of the year" material would be if I still marched them out there in the rain...

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