Friday, May 9, 2008

Two more random ways to waste time

Quick post today as I've still got a zillion and two things to do before my parents get here. I've stumbled across two websites that look like an interesting way to waste some time. However, since I don't really have time to waste, I haven't been able to fully explore them yet to figure out if they are fun or stupid.

But here they are. Maybe one of you will find them fun or interesting. Or stupid. Who knows? Or maybe one of you will already know about them and can give me feedback.

The first is It's a genealogy website that seems to be pretty easy to use to set up your family tree. The neat thing is that it's kind of viral. You add a relative, enter their email address, and send them an invitation. Then they can enter their relatives, invite them, etc. So it's neat to see the tree grow quickly, at least among the current generations. My mom is bringing up some research that was done into our family tree back into the 1800's so I'll be entering that this weekend. An interesting site, and I could see getting really addicted to genealogy research via this site. Or not.

The second looks like a much bigger time suck: Oh my gosh, it's a whole website with user book reviews and discussion boards! It's a little slice of my own personal heaven! This is the site I could see myself becoming desperately addicted to, you know, if I didn't spend my few free minutes per day blogging. Or if my kids ever took a nap so I'd have more than 10 minutes free per day. Or if I stopped wasting my evenings watching Farscape on DVD. But come on, is there anything better than Farscape?

So there it is, my current potential time wasters. Enjoy!

Random unrelated thought: Happy Mother's Day to all you moms reading! Have a great day!


Giovanna said...

Oh no!! That readers one is so gonna consume my days! THANKS ALOT!

KCRSummertime said...

I know both of those sites, actually! I've not gotten into Geni, even though both my BIL & my DH have joined & tried to get me to join the fun.

And goodreads is nice, but it's kind of labor intensive, and I'm LAZY. So if I ever have a million free hours, maybe I'll transfer my list of books read into goodreads from my various journals all over the house. As of now, I think I've entered three books.

Have a great mother's day!

Goddess in Progress said...

Ooh, damn you. I've spent an inappropriate amount of time on Geni today already... :-)

Nancy said...

great minds :)

I'll have to check out that geni site! My sister will LOVE it (if she hasn't already discovered it...)

I'll also check out that other site...but a novel in 30 days?? that sounds a bit intimidating :O