Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ideas of recipes my kids can help me make?

I'm writing an article for a twins newsletter, and I'm going to write about cooking with kids**. Anyone have a favorite recipe their kids like to help with? It can be as easy as mixing together a fruit salad to something more complex where they can only help with certain steps.

My kids are almost three, and we're dealing with peanut/tree nut allergies. Those are my only constraints.

Random unrelated thought: N-man climbed out of his crib yesterday at nap time. I heard him over the monitor, with his little feet pitter-pattering around the room. Then I heard B-man ask him, "Can you get me out, too?" Sorry, bucko, you're stuck!

**PS~~Got a better way to phrase it than "cooking with kids"? It sounds like my kids are going to be the main ingredient! A little too To Serve Man-esque for me!


Snickollet said...

M&R love to help me make pancakes and banana bread--anything they can stir. The dump out flour and sugar after I measure it, too. And they "help" crack eggs.

Nothing too original here, but at 22 months, mine can only do so much. The do LOVE to be involved with anything in the kitchen.

Mommy, Esq. said...

Husband suggests Kooking with Kids or Kids in the Kitchen. - Mommy, Esq.

Mommy, Esq. said...

Husband also suggests Battered Children: Cooking with Your Kids.

jules said...

i love www.familyfun.com for inspiration. i subscribe to the magazine, because in my mind, these are all of the things i would do with H, if i didn't work FT. for that reason, i also get a gift subscription for our daycare provider so SHE can do these things with him ;).

oh, who am i kidding. i just have a magazine AND book addiction, but i digress.

Mary Ellen said...

We buy a lot of Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix, mix it up, and then roll out worms, letters, etc.
Lucy likes to stir Jello -- and I do love the smell it makes when you add the hot water and woomph! Suddenly up comes a big cloud of red sugar. Yum!
Also, anything with sprinkles!

Giovanna said...

Do you mean meals or desserts. B/c it's a heck of a lot easier to bake (ie stirring blah blah) as oppose to peeling potatoes...Is there and "e" in potatoes or not. I forget.