Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who to hit up?

This is a call for help...or just a call for ideas if not help. I'm organizing a silent auction to raise money for a charity and I'm looking for ideas of places that might be good to ask to contribute something to the auction.

The auction will be at a national convention, which means since the majority of people will be from out of the area, local-specific items are out (e.g., gift certificates to local restaurants won't go over well). Also, since many people will be flying, larger items that won't fit in luggage probably won't be too popular.

So do you have any good ideas of types of products or companies I should try asking? Oh, it'll be all mom and dad (of twins specifically) attending.

Random unrelated thought, of interest to bloggers only edition: There was an interesting article in the June 08 Scientific American about the therapeutic benefits of blogging. It doesn't mention snickollet, so it's no cnn article. But I do have to appreciate an article that focuses on the neurobiology of why blogging feels good. Mmmm, yummy dopamine!


Giovanna said...

hmmm, my school recently did a basket full of gift cards.
You could get Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, TRU, Target, Simon Mall and the like. Those are stores that are pretty much national.
Even if it's $10-$20 each.....All together, a pretty decent basket.
And, gift cards are nice and small and easy to store in wallet/bag/luggage....what have you.

The Joys Of Life said...

A few more ideas from online retailers and other national stores....Omaha Steaks, Amazon, 1800diapers, Baby Universe, Outback Steakhouse, Uno Chicago Grill.

The tough part...would any of these retailers donate to the cause?

Threeundertwo said...

Wow, really interesting article! I do think I've been sleeping better since I've been blogging.

As to the gift basket, I don't know how they do it, but my Church gets donations of jewelry and cruises and such for their annual auction.

How about a pretty scarf or something from an artisan - maybe in exchange for the advertising you can offer?

Snickollet said...

Fascinating article--thanks for the link.

As for the auction, I like threeundertwo's idea of art/jewelry. Let's face it: it will mostly be MOMs of twins at the conference, so jewelry would probably be a big hit. And a local artist might be happy to get his or her name out. Finding and getting in touch with such people could be tough, though.

I'm watching SYTYCD as I type this!

What A Card said...

Wow, thanks for all the ideas so far!

We do have a couple of members of the club who make jewelry donating things they've made to the auction. Also, the president of our club is knitting some scarves for us.

Hope you liked SYTYCD Snick. I'm so in love with that show. It gets even better once the actual competition starts. I try not to get overly emotionally invested in someone who might not even make it on to the show :)

I hope if anyone else reads this they'll keep the ideas coming! I'm loving the ideas!

Mary Ellen said...

I was in New Orleans recently, as you know... And we stopped by a gallery where the manager was complaining that he constantly gives art to charities for auctions, and then they never come pick it up. And it was cool art. (Way too expensive for me!)
Also... thinking about what moms would want... What about a gift certificate for playground equipment? Rainbow Play is all over the place, I think. Or, a night at the movies? Like a Regal gift card or a Netflix subscription? I wonder if there are national B&B associations that could give you a certificate to be used at any inn in the group...
This is a big project! Good luck with it!

Mary Ellen said...

And one more thing!
How about a free housecleaning from a national maid service? I would love that! And it would work to their benefit too, as it gives them the opportunity to win new clients!