Monday, March 24, 2008

The Bibliophile's Dilemma

So, I know I'm behind the times, finally getting around to The Omnivore's Dilemma. I mean, I've been *thinking* of reading it, but there are just so many other trashier novels that first demanded my attention.

Well, I've finally gotten around to starting it, and it's really incredible. It's a totally eye-opening experience. I'm into the "second meal" section now; I hope it stays as engaging.

My only "beef", if you will, is with his industrial meal being a McDonald's takeout meal. I mean, isn't that a bit of an EVIL FOOD cliché? What actually hit me more strongly about the first section of the book is the fact that it's not just fast's the stuff I buy at the supermarket and cook at home. I thought he should have picked a typical family eat-in meal made from common know, something like what a million families will be eating tonight. Well, I guess that might be McDonalds. But, since I don't eat Mickey D's, it didn't have as big an impact on me.

Okay, partially-read book review done. For all I know, the next page could say "ha, ha, I was kidding about all that stuff you just read. It's all LIES! Mwa ha ha!"

Random unrelated new direction for this post to take: My inlaws were visiting this weekend. They watched the boys for us so we could go out to dinner one night. We chose to go to a Chinese buffet. Fancy, I know. Seriously, though, since B-Man was diagnosed with a nut allergy, we just haven't been willing to risk Chinese food. And when we do get a babysitter, we tend to go somewhere nicer than a Chinese food buffet. Which means it's been ages since we'd had Chinese food. I loved it. Egg rolls, spring rolls, crab wontons, scallion pancakes...can you tell I tend toward the appetizer section of the buffet? Yummy, and oh so healthy! Anyone want to go out with me for Chinese food one night??


Snickollet said...

The Chinese place across the street from my house (seriously--you can see their neon sign out my living room window) is decent. Maybe next time I host book club we should do dinner of takeout while we discuss?

Giovanna said...

OOOOOohhhh I'm so craving Chinese Food! I actually said that last night to my hubby. Unfortunately I haven't found a decent Chinese place since we moved up here....or pizza for that matter. NY is so much better in that respect. And you thought you were a food snob? Got you beat on that one.

KCRSummertime said...

Shangri-La in Belmont is awesome Chinese food. And very authentic. Scarily authentic. There are things on that menu that I didn't know human beings ever ate, let alone considered a delicacy. Like pig ears. But it also has not-disgusting things.

Yum, I 2nd the vote for Chinese at book group!

Are you going to read Pollan's new one? In Defense of Food?

Mary Ellen said...

I'm reading Real Food by Nina Planck. It drives me nuts, a little bit, but it does provide some cover for my ice cream habits...

What A Card said...

I think Chinese Food should definitely be on the menu for an upcoming book group! Giovanna, I definitely agree that NY has the best pizza and Chinese food. Bagels, too. There's a pizza place on Moody Street in Waltham that has really good NY-style pizza. I think it's called Tara Pizza, although I might be wrong. As I recall, it's the only pizza place on the main drag.

Yum, pig ears. Such an underrepresented body part in American cuisine!

MaryEllen, I'll have to give Real Food a try...sounds interesting!