Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Mathematics of Being Sick

How does a 10 minute ear check turn into 3 hours of hell? Well, let me tell you the math of it:

1 child (B-man)
+ 1 followup appointment
+ 102.6 degree fever that came out of no where
+ No ear infections


1 throat swab to test for strep (result tomorrow)
1 vial of bloodwork for a CBC (showed high white blood cell count)
1 vial of bloodwork to check immune system (results tomorrow)
1 vial of bloodwork to do a lead test (just so he doesn't need another blood draw at 3 years.)
1 chest X-Ray to rule out pneumonia (negative)
1 nose swab to test for the flu (negative)
1 catheter to get a urine sample to test for a UTI (negative)
2 shots of antibiotics

Oh, and I was by myself with both kids, because I thought it would just be a ten minutes ear check. And it was right during their nap time so neither of them napped. And it ran well past dinner time and we had no food with us.

Extra bonus: we get to go back tomorrow!

I'm a little worried. That seemed like a lot of testing on a kid who just didn't seem that sick. We met a friend and her daughter for coffee this morning and he was running around and in good spirits. He ate breakfast and lunch. I guess I'll wait until tomorrow.

That's a total lie. Of course I asked Dr. Google, and looked up the immune system deficiency I had as a child. It sounds a lot like what B-man has...a propensity to upper respiratory infections (hmm, just like his mommy). Two researchers have also noted a correlation between this immune system problem and atopic diseases, such as food allergies and asthma (double hmm, he has both of those). Well, I'll see what an actual doctor says tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be "just another cold".


kcrsummertime said...

Criminey Jickets!

It's a fine balance, right? Between being a paranoid hypochondriac and being a well-informed patient & consumer? I tend towards the former, myself, but I like to imagine that knowing the possibilities arms me.

Hoping hoping hoping for just a cold! Bring snacks when you go today...

Snickollet said...

Oh, ickers.

As KCR said, it is hard to find the balance between worrying enough and worrying too much, isn't it?

I hope today's visit is shorter and that B-man feels better soon.

Just a cold, just a cold, just a cold . . .

Giovanna said...

Poor included!
Sending you "non-sick" vibes.