Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1K Wednesday, secure in our masculinity edition

Here they are, sitting on their potties. Their new favorite activity!

We let them pick out their own potties. B-Man was immediately impressed with the pink potty, and totally unswayed by TK's suggestions that maybe he liked the blue potty better.

N-Man then jumped on board. When asked what color potty he wanted, he answered, "Pink. Pink like a flamingo."

Who can argue with that?


Jen said...

oh man.. that's awesome!

i picked up some "my pretty ponies" for my B-man a few weeks ago figuring "hey.. maybe he'll like them".. he chucked them across the room and said "no" emphatically whenever I got them near him. :) They are now anna's.. :)

i love the pic too. we have to go to the park one of these weekends when it finally warms up.


Snickollet said...

On the day you posted this, Riley wore a pink flowered shirt and hot-pink sweatpants to school that he picked out by himself. He was quite a sight!

What A Card said...

Oh, Jen, the boys *LOVE* my little ponies, thanks to their older cousin. N-man can't get enough of brushing their hair!

Snick~~my boys have put on some totally awesome selections from time to time as well. Luckily, since there are no girls in our house, they're limited to choices that totally don't match, are pajamas, or don't fit any more. Oh well, if it makes 'em happy, I let 'em wear it!