Friday, March 14, 2008

Recovering, slowly

We're all slowly on the road to recovery from this bout of colds/flus/whatever the heck has knocked us on our butts.

I feel bad for B-man. When he gets sick, he gets REALLY sick. Like up all night, every night sick. Like totally not eating sick. Like comes down with a double ear infection right after he starts getting better sick. Like needs four nebulizer treatments a day sick. Like spikes a fever of 105 sick. Basically, when he's sick, it's a non-stop worry-fest.

I also feel bad for N-man. When he gets sick, B-man is always so much sicker that he doesn't get nearly the sympathy or cuddles he deserves. He's such a good kid. Easy going, silly, wonderful. I wish I could have given him more attention this past week.

Hopefully, we're getting better. Or at least I think the boys are getting better. I'm worried I might be getting an ear infection myself, but I'm hoping it's just my hypochondria kicking into high gear.

Random related thought: Two days ago, when I was completely losing my mind from being stuck inside for so long with two sick needy kids, I called TK at work to let him know we ran out of children's tylenol. And that he needed to come home early so that *I* could be the one to go out and get it. He's so wonderful, he agreed to that separation of duties.

I ran out to the grocery store, got the tylenol and did a quick food shop so we wouldn't all starve to death. Well, somehow in my cart ended up all of the following:
  • A Caramello candy bar
  • Two Cadbury Cream Eggs
  • A package of Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chessman cookies
  • Emergency Cake (I hope I'm not the only one to keep emergency cake on hand. You know those Betty Crocker single serve microwavable cakes? I always have one on hand, just in case I have an emergency and feel like I really must eat cake immediately, without waiting to make a real cake. I don't have cake emergencies often, maybe once every two or three months, but I do like to keep some emergency cake on hand just in case!)
I rarely buy that much crap at one time. I guess no sleep and non-stop sickness of everyone in the house brings out my sweet tooth!

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