Thursday, March 20, 2008


My internet was out. All day. Wait, I don't think you fully appreciate the gravity of this situation. My internet was out ALL DAY! I didn't get to check email. I didn't get to read blogs. I didn't get to write anything. I didn't get to poke around the zillion sites that seem to consume the one free hour I have a day.

You'd think I would have gotten something productive done today, but no. The boys decided not to nap. They're a little over 2 and 1/2...they can't possibly be giving up their naps, can they? Here's the annoying thing: they seem perfectly happy, not tired or cranky at all, even once it's bed time. They don't seem to be missing that nap. Darn it! I love nap time!

I was supposed to be cleaning today since the inlaws arrive tomorrow. Did I get any cleaning done? Nope. In fact, the house just got messier. While I was on the phone with TK trying to figure out what happened to our internet connection, the boys were coloring. I was running back and forth to the basement, and on one of my trips, they decided to color EVERYTHING. Okay, technically not everything as they somehow managed to totally avoid the paper. So I guess I did clean that up...scrubbed the tables, chairs, floors, walls...god, I love washable crayons. Thank you, Crayola. They really are washable, especially with the help of my boyfriend, Mr. Clean, and his magic eraser. Oh, that sounds filthy, but it's CLEAN, I promise!

Okay, I may have overplayed the drama of no internet connection. Just a tad, right? But really, it's amazing to think that fifteen years ago, I had never been on the internet. I had never dreamed of websurfing or IM'ing, or blogging. Now I'm addicted. And to think, I'm the one who sometimes fantasizes about moving my family out to some cabin in the middle of nowhere, with no electricity...yeah, I'm full of it and wouldn't last five minutes until I'm sneaking out to the free wi-fi at the local Starbucks. Because of course I assume that even in the middle of nowhere, there will be a Starbucks close by. You can get away from civilization, but you can't escape Starbucks!

Random unrelated thought: Really? Do I really need one? This whole blog entry was pretty random, and unrelated to much of anything. Especially reality. Oh geez, friends don't let friends blog tired. Someone stop me...

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Giovanna said...

So love the Mr. Clean comment. Thought that was real funny. But I agree w/you. I'd so not survive w/o internet (or a decent book to read :)
Starbuck's I could live w/o but not my instant coffee. I'm rather pathetic, aren't I?