Thursday, August 21, 2008

He's a card, too

A few nights ago, we had a rough time getting the boys to clean up before bed. They just seemed to be EVERYWHERE all at once, and even with TK and I both watching them and trying to help them clean up their toys, there was still mass chaos. Finally, though, we got things reasonably neatened, took the boys up to bed, and got them to sleep.

TK and I went downstairs and I started puttering in the kitchen. TK went into the bathroom, and a second later, called to me, "Honey, you better come here. We have a pest problem in the bathroom."

Oh crap. We had carpenter ants in our bathroom last year and it was disgusting, annoying, and a big ol' pain. So I went into the bathroom. As I got there, TK said, "our bathroom has been invaded by dinosaurs."

Sure enough, sometime during clean up, one (or both?) of the boys had snuck in and lined up about 25 toy dinosaurs along the sink and tub.

So if anyone know a good dinosaur-control expert, please let us know. We'd like to get our bathroom back one day, but don't want to risk annoying those tiny-ranosauruses.


Giovanna said...

Love that story!

Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

I have a plague of Crazy Bones in my son's room. The darn things get everywhere, under his bed, in his pillow slip, in his jean pockets when I'm just about to wash them!
Many thanks for your visit on my SITS day, I really do appreciate it.
And I loved the mad hairdresser lady . . .