Thursday, August 28, 2008

On this day in What A Card history

Nineteen years ago today, my friend C. and I saw The Cure. I know. How cool is that?

It was the Disintegration tour. I know. How cool is that? I've heard that's the best album ever from a pretty reliable source!

We saw them in Toronto. I know. Cool, especially for 2 girls from Buffalo.

It's hard to believe but it gets even better: The Pixies and Love and Rockets were the opening bands. I KNOW! It was so cool.

Every year C. makes sure to get in contact on August 28th so we can relive our brush with coolness, our attendance at one of the greatest concerts ever. And sure enough, this morning she'd left me a facebook message.

It's hard to believe it's been 19 years. I was a wee lass in 1989, only 14 years old. How cool was C.'s mom for taking us all the way to Toronto? How cool were my parents for letting me go? It was a most excellent adventure. I've seen a bunch of concerts in my day....everyone from Weird Al to the Dead Milkmen to Rush to Ben Folds (all great shows, by the way), but The Cure's Disintegration Tour is still one of my all time favorites.

Thanks, Cher, for sharing that awesome experience with me. And for celebrating our anniversary each year.

So what have your favorite concerts been? Has anyone else seen The Cure? Anyone else in love with Robert Smith? What's your favorite Cure song?


Snickollet said...

Best concert ever: Duran Duran, my junior year in college, Munich, Germany. I saw them in a very small place, more like a bar. I was on the John Taylor side of the stage. Simon LeBon wore velour stretch pants.


Peter Gabriel was also fantastic. I was right in the front row at a big stadium, also in Munich.

Oh, the Thompson Twins! High school. One of my friends caught a drumstick that was thrown into the crowd.


Nancy said...

Hands down: Great Big Sea. Last summer before Logan was born. You can't help but dance and clap along with EVERY song. We're going again in October! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Also great: Billy Joel (college), Elton John (college), the Connells (college - tiny little bar - awesome time!), Neil Diamond (mmmm...about 5 years ago? That man can DANCE!)

I only went to one concert in High School (unless you count Joan Baez at fair grounds with my mom...), but I'm not going to mention that boy band. Although, if I were to admit it, I love it at the time. I will give you a hint though: they just got back together! ACK!

Mary Ellen said...

Ohhh... U2's Joshua Tree tour. Bono pulled a girl out of the audience -- and then I happened to meet her a few weeks later! It was like I almost touched Bono too!

KCRSummertime said...

I saw that same tour! But I was old enough to DRIVE MYSELF TO THE CONCERT. Man, you're young.

I saw that same tour of Joshua Tree that maryellen saw, too!

I saw Violent Femmes a couple of times, once from the 2nd row and once from the 1st. I have a lingering regret that I didn't try to rush the stage. It would have been fun to be kicked out of the Orpheum for trying to give Gordon Gano a hug. :-D

LauraC said...

Oh, I can top this one easily. I saw Milli Vanilli in concert. Yes, my parents paid for me to see that. Good times.

Tuesday I'm going to a 90210 premiere party. I'm blasting Losing My Religion (oh yeah I saw REM in concert) and picking up wine coolers on the way.

It's kind of awesome being a "mature mom."

millar prescott said...

Just saw (May) the Rush - Snakes and Arrows tour in Vancouver. Great show.
Annie Lennox in Tokyo - Fantastic.