Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm goofin' with my layout...

Any problems with my new layout on your computer? Yes, you're my beta testers :)

TK is helping me learn about how to play with changing up the look of my blog. And by that I mean: I say, "wouldn't it be neat if I could do x" and then a half hour later he says, "here's how you do x." There are just so many benefits to marrying a computer geek.

This isn't my long term blog plan, but just a quickie to get the feel of what I'm doing. So, did I make any mistakes? Does anything run off your screen, or look otherwise crazy?

Random unrelated thought: I stumbled across a brand-new blog (okay, I was checking sitemeter yet again. And I noticed a click through from her blog). So pop over and check her...she's got TWO sets of twins. Yes, you read that right, TWO. That's a lot of kid in the house! And leave her a comment...for you non-bloggers out there, comments are sunshine on a bloggy day. And for those of you who are bloggers, well, she thinks *I'm* famous...imagine if those of you who actually are famous leave her a comment!

Bonus random unrelated thought: TK was bringing dishes to the sink after dinner, and I said, "Can I give you a hand?" He turned to look at me and I held up a Mr. Potato Head arm. Then I fell on the floor laughing because I'm my best audience. Then two minutes later I sent N-man over to TK with the Potato Head arm to make the same joke. We all cracked up. So five minutes later, when I was cleaning up the stove, B-man came over and said, "Mommy, can I give you an ear?" He held up a Potato Head ear and laughed uproariously. So did I.


Snickollet said...

Potato head jokes = awesome.

New blog look also = awesome.

You = awesome.

Nancy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Can I lend you an ear. Too funny!

Love the new look :)

KCRSummertime said...

I love the background!

The Potato Head joke made me laugh out loud at work. I'm hoping that my cubemate, who's behind that wall over there, is still on vacation...


mommaof4wife2r said...

u gotta love the humor of a kid...that makes me laugh too!

as for the new layout. i love that the text scrolls and the background stays in place. interesting! and i love the 'paper' too!

once you figure it all out, i have to know the details!!!

Giovanna said...

I like the new layout!
Makes me want to do it too!

Threeundertwo said...

Ooooooh pretty! Love it!

So funny about the potato heads - why didn't I ever think of that one?