Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dragonflies and cilantro...complete unrelated except in my blog

Okay, first thing is I took this picture of a dragonfly while I was outside playing with the boys.

Two things are significant about this. First, isn't that kind of cool? Second, I uploaded my pictures, and that day I'd taken more pictures of the dragonfly than I did of my children. I guess it's the time they're three years old, you stop with the obsessive, non-stop picture taking.

And in unrelated news, I bought an organic cilantro plant to replace our original cilantro plant, which had bolted*. I've had a recurring urge to go buy non-organic fertilizers to sprinkle all over the cilantro while cackling maniacally. Does that make me crazy?

*Bolting doesn't mean the plant grew legs and ran away, although that would be really cool. Bolting, I learned, is the term for when the plant flowers, produces seeds, and stops producing the delicious leaves. It's not just parsley is currently bolting as well.

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Mary Ellen said...

I love the idea that plants bolt.
I've had enough of you picking on me!
I'm leaving!