Thursday, July 31, 2008

CSA Week 8: Still no zucchini!

Here we are, it's Thursday again. I'm watching SYTYCD, but of course, since it's a result show, it's 59 minutes of filler and 1 minute of "you're eliminated and you're eliminated". So while I'm waiting to fill those "you're"'s with names, I have plenty of time to blog about our CSA pickup.

Here's what we got:

2 green peppers
2 eggplants
6 ears of corn (please, oh please, let it be good this week!)
3 cucumbers (I'm making pickles tomorrow)
2 1/2 lbs squash (I think, once again I can't remember for sure)
2 lbs of tomatoes, plus some you-pick tomatoes (juliet and orange cherry)
1 pint of shallots
3 serrano peppers
More you-pick beans (we mostly picked purple beans)

What have we *still* not gotten? Any plain ol' zucchini. We have some golden zucchini, but none of that plain ol' boring-but-delicious regular zucchini.

Besides the pickles, any other ideas for me this week?

Random unrelated thought: Wow, nice SYTYCD results! I'm glad I was wrong about Twitch. This is my ideal top 4...I'll be happy with whoever wins as I like all of them. Here's my ranking by how much I like them: Joshua, Courtney, Katee, Twitch. Here's my current ranking on how I think they'll finish: Katee (I still think she'll win), Joshua, Courtney, Twitch.

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