Thursday, July 31, 2008

All About N-man

Gotta keep things even with twins, ya know! So here are some recent funnies from N-man.

I decided to give them temporary tattoos when they use their potties. I put one on myself first, and N-man said, "You've got a tat! I need a tat." He's so hip.

Whenever we tell N-man something he doesn't want to hear, he says, "Don't say that." It goes like this: "It's time to clean up." "Don't say that." or "N-man, stop jumping on your brother." "Don't say that."

While looking at himself in the mirror, he commented, "I'm cute." True, but when do we start teaching about modesty?

Random unrelated thought: Got to go make dinner to bring to our CSA pickup!

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