Thursday, July 17, 2008

CSA, Week 6

Oh boy, another fun week! Without further ado, here's the pic:

This week's distribution included:
  • 1 bunch onions
  • 2 heads of lettuce
  • 1 bunch baby carrots
  • 3 cucumbers
  • 2 lbs mixed summer squash (Can anyone identify them? I asked one of the farmers about the long striped ones, and she said they were "blah blah blah" squash, except she used real words, which I immediately forgot)
  • 1 eggplant
  • Then I had a tough choice: we could have 1/2 lb tomatoes (~2 little tomatoes), 1 extra eggplant, or a pint of okra. The okra was never really in the running. I love tomatoes. I mean, I LOVE tomatoes. But I picked an extra eggplant as the eggplants were little and I felt like one wouldn't be enough to make anything. But I coveted those tomatoes!
For you-pick this week, we had:
  • 2 pints green and yellow beans
  • Different types of basil
  • 1 hot pepper (serrano??)
  • And the most exciting thing, it's the last week of fava beans. Turns out I love fava beans, and we've only gotten 30 beans so far this season. Well, this week we could go out an pick whatever. There were still a bunch of bean pods if you really searched. And if you were willing to put up with the scratchy, prickly weeds that have overgrown the fava beans. Oh yeah, and the biting flies, which, to be fair, didn't seem to be biting anyone but me. I'm covered in welts. It was worth it, as this will (almost definitely, unless I can track more down at a farmer's market) be all the fava beans until next year. Plus, I had a fun conversation in the field with another woman picking fava beans.
Any recipe ideas, especially for eggplant, cucumbers, or baby carrots?

Random unrelated thoughts:

I just watched the SYTYCD results show, and noticed I'm back to my normal complete inability to predict the opinions of the people who vote. Gev? Really? All you voters, you stink. Oh wait, it's us non-voters who stink. C'est la vie.

N-man did the funniest thing in the middle of last night. N-man fell out of bed, which is thankfully happening less frequently than before, but still occasionally and usually when I'm complete sound asleep. He cried, and asked for me, so in I went. I picked him up, put him in bed, and he asked for some cuddles so I lay down next to him and hugged him. A minute later, he said, "Okay, that's enough cuddles." So I took my arm off him and just lay next to him. He paused for a minute then said, "Get out of my bed!"

He wasn't mean about it, he said it with a tone like, "I said I didn't want cuddles. Clearly I was dismissing you!"

So I gave him a kiss and went back to my own bed.

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Nancy said...

hehehe cute story about N-Man.

Don't watch SYTYCD, so no comment there...sorry! ;)

And wow ... I'm slightly jealous of your veggies. (I say slightly because I'm not sure I'd have enough know-how/energy to figure out how to cook half of them LOL!)