Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD Top 10 predictions

I'm so late this week! I had book group last night (which was very fun), so I only watched part of SYTYCD last night and just finished watching the rest of the show, only 30 short minutes before tonight's show begins. So I didn't get to think this through as much as I usually do. And I have no idea of how accurate this will be. I can hardly hope to come anywhere close to my performance the past two weeks.

I'm in 2nd place in my betting pool. I have to brag for a minute, as I have no hopes of maintaining such a high standing. I'm preserving my golden moment of nearly being in the sun.

My predictions for the bottom 3 girls this week:

Comfort: I'm glad she was back for a week, and her hip hop with Twitch was pretty good, but her waltz stunk up the joint and her solo was nothing special. Plus, she was almost always in the bottom three, proving America doesn't pick up the phone to vote for her.

Kherington: She wasn't really good in anything this week. She's fizzled a bit for me in the past few weeks. I think we've seen all she has to give.

Chelsie: I thought she was great this week. I loved her Jive, and the contemporary wasn't bad. But I just didn't like her as much as Katee or Courtney, so she's in the bottom three by default. I don't expect her to go home, though.

My predictions for bottom 3 boys this week:

Mark: His solo was my 2nd favorite of the night. Only Joshua's did I enjoy more. Mark's so quirky and odd. But he and Kherington just weren't good tonight, so I don't know if he'll get the votes.

Gev: Both of his routines were good, and his solo was entertaining, but the judges panned both of his performances a little as compared to Chelsie. And I agree with them. He was good, but just shy of great.

Twitch: Gosh, that waltz he and Comfort did was stinky. I don't think the great hip hop erased the terrible waltz. And his solo, while adequate, paled in comparison to all of the other guys I thought.

Going home tonight: I feel pretty good about guessing that Comfort is going home tonight. Hey, maybe every week someone can get injured, Comfort'll be invited back, and I can guess she's leaving. That would take the load off. Anyway, I feel she's the weakest of the dancers left in the competition, and I unless she gets lots of pity votes, I don't think America loves her either. Adios yet again, Comfort!

For the guys, I'm less sure. TK says Gev. Or maybe Mark. He hedges his bets, doesn't he? But I'm going with Twitch. Last week, my friend and her husband were staying with us. They're in the betting pool as well, and her husband really convinced me that Twitch is not long for the competition. I think Joshua and Twitch really fill the same role and compete for the same votes, and I just like Joshua so much more than Twitch. So I say Twitch is leaving tonight.

We also had to pick our guesses for the top 4 and the eventual winner. I was very unsure of these picks, but for what it's worth, here's what I thought:

Top 4: Joshua, Will, Katee, and Courtney. I'm most unsure of the Courtney guess. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Chelsie or even Kherington. Who knows?

And I guessed Katee to win it all. I think I'd prefer it to be Joshua (I really love him), but Katee was my official vote.

Other comments for the night: I'm so in love with Lil' C. He's my favorite guest judge. His comments were constructive, interesting, and fun.

Also, I heard John Lennon rose from the grave to tell Nigel never to play that god-awful version of Imagine again. I love the Joshua and Katee Pas de Deux, but holy moly, that was the most atrocious recording of a song ever. It was insanely distracting in it's awfulness. Yuck!


Snickollet said...

In my head, I had guessed Gev and Kherington, although I was hoping that Comfort would go instead of Kherington. I was sad to see Gev go--I really liked him, but he wasn't as strong as the other guys.

I have to confess that I *love* that version of "Imagine." It's done by one of the American Idol contestants, and it gives me chills every time. I'm so cheesy! (Or I have a tin ear.)

Giovanna said...

I laughed reading how you hating the David Archuletta's version of Imagine!