Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm Omniscient!

Bow before my SYTYCD prediction powers!

Hee! I guess extreme fatigue is the key to accessing my psychic powers. Or perhaps it just wasn't that hard to guess this week. I'll have to see what everyone else in my betting pool predicted. It'd be funny if we all made the same choices.

I've got to go to sleep now. I just had to crow for a mo'.


Giovanna said...

how darn dissappointing!
I think they made the wrong decision.
Comfort should have been the one to go.
But I guess they are trying to keep it diversified a bit which is why they, in my opinion, they kept Comfort. If they went by actual dancing ability...they would have made a different decision.

What A Card said...

I agree...Kourtni was clearly the better dancer than Comfort, but I think Comfort is more interesting. The top 10 go on tour, and I suspect they want to keep Comfort for the tour since she is so interesting and more unique in her own style. Of course, she may get sent home this coming week anyway and miss the top 10, so who knows!