Thursday, July 3, 2008

SYTYCD Top 14 Predictions

Oh my gosh, I'm tired today. It was the boys' 2nd night in their big boy beds, and it went far worse than the first night. They didn't go to sleep until after 9:30, which means we didn't start watching So You Think You Can Dance until after 9:30. Kind of late for a 2 hour show! So we got into bed late, then had to deal with a few middle of the night wake-ups. Anyway, that all combines to create a SLEEPY me, which, if my predictions are wrong this week, is what I plan to blame it on.

Okay, let's start out with what I liked: Oh dear lord, I finally get the Will thing. The judges must have seen him shirtless before. In all seriousness, he is smokin'. No wonder why they keep talking him up. He even overshadowed poor not-quite-as-hot Twitch. Will and Jessica's lyrical jazz number with the shirt was my favorite of the night. I even liked how he put shirt back on when he went over to the judges. In seasons past, it seemed like some of the guys were unnecessarily flaunting their perfect physique in a bid for votes (yes, Dimitri, I'm talking about you!). I didn't get that feeling from Will.

So let's get into my bottom three predictions. The first two I'm pretty confident in, but once again, I'm having trouble with my third pick.

Comfort and Thayne: I liked their partnership better than either of their earlier partnerships, but I still wasn't that drawn to them. Comfort I still like...I think she's fun, though perhaps not the strongest dancer. Thayne, not so much. And the smooth waltz is the kiss of boring death.

Kourtni and Matt: I've been quite vocal about the fact that I love Kourtni, and I think she was adequate tonight, but they both kind of fizzled for me. They had an air of desperation about them, like they know America isn't really interested in them. I actually liked Matt okay in the Hip Hop dance, but they both looked kind of worn out by the end of the Mambo. At least Kourtni's costumes weren't terrible. I was beginning to worry she'd pissed off the costume department with all the ridiculously unflattering things they've made her wear.

Courtney and Gev: I'm not sure about this pick. They're cute, and I'm not sure how much of the teeny-bopper vote they draw. Gev was not very good tonight, especially in the Hip Hop. And I found both of their dances kind of forgettable.

Going home: I'm sad to say it, but I think it's going to be Kourtni. She's just not connecting with the audience, and I think the judges aren't going to let her continue to slide despite her beautiful solos. I highly doubt Comfort will go home as she's distinctive, and Mary is completely in love with her. And I'm not even sure Courtney will be in the bottom three. So I hope I'm wrong, but my guess is Kourtni.

And much more confidently, I'm guessing Matt to go home. If Gev's in the bottom three, he might be a contender, too, and Thayne also isn't the greatest, but the judges really don't seem to like Matt so I don't think they'll save him yet again.

And my vote for most ridiculous prop of the night: that stupid bed in the Twitch and Kherrington contemporary piece. I hate Mia Michaels. That wasn't choreography, that was energetic bouncing on a bed.


Deb said...

oh sure, blame it on the lack of sleep - whats your track record been so far? with sleep? heh!

i dont watch it SYTYCD religiously but I do like Comfort since she is a local girl here in Myrtle Beach. So...hopping she sticks around.

What A Card said...

I'll have you know I've battled my way up to 4th from last, thanks to my rather prescient guesses last week (also when I was sorely sleep deprived, so maybe that's my key.

Comfort is absolutely adorable, and I just love her attitude!

Snickollet said...

I say Kourtni and Matt go. But maybe that's wishful thinking. I don't really enjoy watching either of them.

I thought Comfort and Thayne danced a gorgeous slow waltz, but I was not impressed with the Broadway.

I love Courtney and Gev, so I want them to stay. But I do think they get a bit lost in the shuffle.

Will. Will! Will is hotttttttttt.