Monday, July 21, 2008

Suspended three stories an entirely safe structure!

Today is the boys' birthday. They're three. It's all kind of vaguely surreal and odd how quickly the time has gone, but I'm sure I'm not telling y'all anything you don't know, so I'll stop now.

TK took the day off and we all went to The Children's Museum in Boston. When you first go into the museum, there's this huge web of suspended platforms enclosed in a cabled netting. It goes up three stories. So of course that's immediately what our boys want to do.

TK and I looked at each other, shrugged, and sent them off on their climbing adventure. It looked like a lot of fun, and with just a little encouragement yelled from the staircase running next to the structure, the boys both made it up no problem. They loved it, and wanted to do it again, so we said they could go back after lunch if they wanted.

We played for a few hours, had lunch, and then returned to the climbing structure. Again, both boys sped right up to the very top. B-man got out on the third floor exit, but N-man continued up to the very top. And somehow got his leg through the netting. And got stuck. We could see him, and he was starting to get upset when he couldn't get his leg free. And I was starting to get nervous. I mean, rationally a hole that is too small for him to easily fit his shoe through is not large enough for him to fall out. But, his little leg was sticking out, over three stories above the ground...

The staff member working there let me go in to "rescue" N-man. It was a tight fit...this structure is really designed for kids, not adults, and I had to do some serious wiggling. I finally made it over to N-man, shimmied his leg and shoe back in to the relative safety of the structure, and then looked down. Three stories.

Man, how come kids don't find that unsettling?? I was a bit freaked.

But it was also really fun. I joked with TK that every time we go back we're going to have to coach the kids to get stuck so we'll have an excuse to go into the structure! Anyone else ever gone into the climbing structure with their kids?

Random unrelated thought: Can someone please tell TK that it's bad taste to crack up when you suggest a person with a failing memory play Memory with your children?


Snickollet said...

Happy third b-day, N- and B-Men!

That climbing structure sounds like loads of fun.

KCRSummertime said...

If my daughter got stuck in that climbing structure, I think she'd have to find her own way out. I don't think, in my current condition, I could fit in there to help her out...

Threeundertwo said...

I'm awful, because I would have totally *thought* about joking about the memory game.

And I think I would have had a hard time with that height! Gaa! Seems heights bother me more as I get older. Sounds like fun for the kids though.

Happy Birthday!!

Katie said...

That climbing structure is just for kids? I went up as soon as I could convince my kid (who is the cautious sort) to give it a try. Pretty fun, though a little claustrophobic.