Thursday, July 31, 2008

SYTYCD Top 6 Predictions

Those of you who aren't So You Think You Can Dance fans will probably be excited to hear that next week is the finale. It's been a good season so far, although I haven't been quite as attached to any of the dancers as I was in previous seasons.

Once again, as every week, I have no idea of who will be in the bottom 2 or who is going home. I know who I'd *like* it to be, but I doubt that's what it will be. Or maybe. Who knows! Well, here goes with my predictions and comments:

The Girls:

Katee: She's still my pick to win it all. I like her, which is an impressive turn around since I wasn't crazy about her at the beginning of the season. And her paired with Joshua is amazing, especially in that contemporary. But even their paso doble was one of my favorite paso dobles I've seen. Is it just me, or have we seen too many solos this season? Her solo was just blah to me, but I'm not sure if that's because I feel like I've seen it every week recently. I think she's a shoo in to be safe.

Courtney: I really like her. I think she's my favorite of the girls, as in the person I'd most like to hang out with. Or more realistically given our age differences, the one I'd most like to babysit my kids. And I loved her solo. I didn't want it to be over, which is a sign of a great solo in my mind. I thought the jazz routine she and Mark did was the best of the night, although I think that choreographer Sonya is a bit odd. Their waltz was also respectable, although I still am just not a huge waltz fan. Maybe it's because of that ballroom dancing class I took with TK where I just couldn't figure out how to do the stupid waltz turns.

Chelsie: She kind of annoys me whenever they show her talking, and her solos are just a bunch of shakey-shakey hips. I don't find her dancing in general as great as the judges say, either, although she's certainly not bad. I thought she and Twitch looked a bit tired in their mambo, and their hip hop was good but not stellar. Although I will say it was the first Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop that didn't drive me crazy.

The Boys:

Joshua: I'm a little in love with Joshua. I thought his solo was the best of the night, and as I said above, I loved his dances with Katee. Plus, he just seems like a nice guy. I think (hope?) he'll be safe tonight.

Twitch: Ugh, those gold teeth and glasses in his solo. Can you say GIMMICKY? And most disgusting moment of the night: Cat putting in his fake teeth. I sincerely hope through the magic of editing they cut the portion where Cat first sterilized those teeth. Yuck. His dancing was respectable, but not all that exciting. I think I might be over my Twitch love.

Mark: I don't really get him. I mean, I appreciate how weird he is, and like that he takes chances in his solos. But that "swirling my shirt around my neck" solo? I'm not sure. The best thing I can say about Mark last night is that he didn't wear any v-neck tee-shirts, for which I'm eternally grateful.

My Predictions:

Bottom 2 girls: Chelsie and Courtney

Bottom 2 boys: Twitch and Mark

Going home:

Chelsie (fingers crossed...I'm worried it'll be Courtney, but I like Courtney so much more than Chelsie, I'm voting Chelsie to leave)

Twitch (I'd prefer Mark to go home, but he's been safe in a lot of weeks where I didn't even think he danced that well at all. This week, I must admit he did dance well so I'm guessing Twitch and hoping I'm wrong. I'd really love to see Twitch and Joshua dance together in the finale, but I don't think I'm going to get my wish).

So what do you think? Any guesses?

Random unrelated thought: What the heck has happened? I use firefox because it redlines my misspellings, but it's not doing it today. I can't spell. At all. What will I do if this doesn't cathc my mispellings? ;) Okay, fine, I just copied it into Word to spellcheck. The things I do for y'all...

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Giovanna said...

I'm gunning for Chelsea and Twitch to go home tonight.
Chelsea's solos are EXACTLY the same every week.
I LOVE COURTNEY! But I like Katee alot too!
If either of them win I'd be happy.
As for the guys...I'm still in a deadlock with them.